UFA-Dabei 877/1973 15.05.1973


01 Hamburg: German savings bank day 1973 archive pictures: old banknotes 50000 mark, 500 marks etc. People on the street. Old tram. A sign on a wall of the House: "workers are not set at the time". A man stands on the street and hung a sign with the text "Take over any work" around the neck. Newspaper clipping from the 1920s. Newspaper clippings of today. CCH before that big poster: "German savings bank day 73, 9-10 May. CCH from the inside. Karl Klasen short. The President of the German savings bank Association, Helmut Geiger speaks interview: "the image of the modern society is for several years due to the saving in all forms, the optimal lending to small local business, housing and municipal infrastructure characterized by. The focus is of course the promotion of savings capital formation of wide layers of the population. During the sure further sustained fiscal debate, the Federal Government should therefore check whether she a component in the future to incorporate not a positive, in the entire stabilization program, which brings so many interventions and loads with it. Here could be improvements of the savings law, the capital formation act be given incentives for savings bonds, so that the Sparfleiß of our population not USA. Our economy relies on continuous education of savings capital in the future. It applies to stabilize it." Karl Klasen as listeners. Interior shots of CCH. Former Mayor H. soft man with woman.
(53 m) 02. Hamburg: Atelier mirror: "Oh, Jonathan" with Heinz Rühmann, a small sports plane rolls out at the airport. Excerpts from the film. Rühmann plays the role of the Consul Jonathan Reynolds. Shots during the filming. The cinema "The bark". Heinz Rühmann comes to the premiere. Excerpts from the film. Cinema-goers. Heinz Rühmann, half total.
(44 m) 03 Germany: kids and dogs several children tell "What a dog she would have" Dachshund puppies. Children with different dogs such as dachshunds, COLLIE, Boxer, Beagle, smooth fox terrier, Newfoundland, Chow Chow. Child psychologist Christa Meves, half totally original sound justified their opinion, why a child needs a dog: "I recommend not just undifferentiated all parents to get a dog himself, but in particular children from 8 years off can be almost a therapeutic agent holding a dog." In fact, the keeping of dogs at children between 9 and 18 can have an important educational function age. And thus that children at this age that the dog belongs to them, get the opportunity to ensure his scoring and his drinking in her direction before him for the dog goes. by the fact that they have to run it, you can now get responsibility for an immature creatures and practice this just really playing on the tasks of their adulthood, namely to provide the service to other people." Various shots of dogs and children.
(60 m) 04 FRG: Renault 5 TL test the lock on the car door close. Renault 5 TL total. Motor journalist Dieter Knust is the car before look at the motor and other auto parts, o-ton: "look we so under the bonnet of the Renault 5 TL. Far back here is the four-cylinder series, 956 CC, 44 HP, the spare wheel, the 12 volt alternator, the battery, which is the mini-size under the hood. The Renault 5 has no bumpers more of chrome, but surfaces of a novel plastic that harmless survive more kilometers up to 5 and a few even mini accidents. The material is incredibly impact resistant.
Renault 5 TL has no bumpers but surfaces of a new plastic. Renault 5 TL from above. The car is fueled at the Aral petrol station. R 5 TL on the highway. R 5 TL interior shots. Snake driving with R 5 TL. Large trunk is loaded through the rear door. Dieter Knust sits in the open trunk and R drives off 5 TL.
(57 m) 05. Hamburg: Germany - Bulgaria 3-0 in the football coach beautiful watching the game. Beckenbauer on the ball. Attempt to a goal by Beckenbauer. ZL. By penalty fake off a goal succeeds Franz Beckenbauer. The second goal by the powerful game of Overath, Cullmann, and K3. Bulgaria striker Mikhailov hits only the crossbar. The third goal for Germany is caused by goalkeeper Jordanów: he directs a corner kick into his own net. Mischievous faces in the audience of Gerd Müller, short. ZL recordings over the course of the game.
(70 m)

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Beckenbauer, Franz ; Geiger, Helmut ; Klasen ; Knust, Dieter ; Meves, Christa ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Weichmann, Herbert ; Cullmann ; Jordanow ; Kapellmann ; Michailov ; Müller, Gerd ; Overath ; Schön, Helmut




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Buildings in Germany ; Dogs ; Children ; filmmaking ; Football ; accident series ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Outlander ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; finance ; Dogs ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 877/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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German savings bank day 1973 (part of archive) camera: Jackson Studio mirror: "Oh, Jonathan" with Heinz Rühmann camera: Rau, Ahsendorf children and dogs camera: fire Renault - R test 5 TL camera: Jürgens, fire football; Germany Bulgaria in Hbg camera: Rühe, Jürgens, Rückert, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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