UFA-Dabei 880/1973 05.06.1973


01 Hamburg: fashion designer Jil Sander portrait of Jil Sander goes on the road, half total. Pöseldorf recordings. Jil Sander close, great. Recordings with Jil Sander in their boutiques in Pöseldorf. Jil Sander at the desk. Recordings in her study. On the wall of Marilyn Monroe, pictures of Andy Warhol. Jil Sander makes fashion designs. Designs, close. Jil Sander BB´s eyes, close, great. Recorded interview: "I would rewrite the idea, the red thread that runs through my collections,"Understatement"." Just", but then with first-class materials, fantastic accessories, worked out down to the last detail. The most important moment is that my models are designed for some kind of "Modular system", i.e. that the customer not season after season newly must dress up. I use for example certain basic colors that I am raising again in the design and other materials in my collection. Fashion in my opinion should never be covering, but she must work with out the personality and stress."
Alster Park. Jil Sander goes to the Alster. Pöseldorf. Jil Sander on the stairs of the restaurant "Pöseldorf nineteen". Jil Sander, close.
(91 m) 02 archive-series Tehran unrest from NDW 164: Shah Reza Pahlevi speaks to people. Crowd made the Shah, who intends to leave, loyalty rallies the country.
Polar bear baby from NDW/164: man and woman come from home. Polar bear baby tagging along behind them. Woman polar bear baby feeding bottle. Small polar bear enters Freßnapf and leaves of lawn sprinkler spray themselves.
Fool Iman NDW/164: Reporters waiting for the appearance of fool Iman. Reporter with camera eats bread. Another drinking from bottle. The men run to Mercedes, who drives. Luggage will be loaded onto the airfield. Fool Iman and mother go in accompaniment to the plane and enter. Bomb on aircraft carrier NDW/165: approach by fighter-bombers and landing on aircraft carriers. When landing, dissolves bomb from wing and flies over deck. Bomb detonation. (Die cameraman)
(63 m) 03. Stuttgart: international arms fair sabers, large, close. Journals. The level of company Walther: Model JR with telescopic sight. Handguns with arabesque engraving. Match rifle. Airguns from Diana company. Old guns including the Saxon wheel lock model, the miniature of the pepper-box. Duel flintlock pistols.
(54 m) 04 Brazil/portrait: Brazilian football archive footage of World Cup in 1958 in Stockholm. Pele the age of 17. Inclusion in Rio de Janeiro: Christ the Redeemer Statue. Brasil. Children play football on the street. Stills Pele and Jairzinho. Statue of the Brazilian. Football team. Sports journalist Engler, half total interview talks about the Brazilian football: "the Brazilians have become world champions three times since 1958, 1970 was the absolute highlight, because there it became evident that it can shape individualists in a team, then find a real teamwork. Since 1970, the team in 34 internationals lost not once. Brazil's coach is optimistic. He is still not a game something like the luck of Brazilians called, because since he is the Director of the Brazilian national team, she lost. This is certainly a good sign. Sure, a man like Pelé is missing Zagallo. Pele was the big attraction for many years. But attractions are not rare in Brazilian football." Several settings in the match Botafogo-Sao Paolo.
(76 m) 05. In addition: special service week of Soviet film in Wiesbaden: opening reception. Excerpts from the various Russian films. Audience comes in the cinema.
(46 m)

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Engler, Rolf ; Monroe, Marylin ; Sander, Jil ; Warhol, Andy ; Jairzinho ; Nascimento do, Edson Arantes


Frankfurt ; Stuttgart ; Hamburg ; Brazil


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Children ; filmmaking ; Football ; Portraits ; Reviews ; Townscapes: Germany ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Art ; Weapons ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 880/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Jil Sander portrait camera: Ahsendorf archive series: Tehran unrest polar bear baby fool Iman fool Iman bomb on aircraft carrier (title 7.6 m) intern. Gun Exchange in Stuttgart camera: Rau portrait: Brazilian football camera: Rühe origin: Ipanema addition: special service week the sovie Film in Wiesbaden camera: Luppa archive series: title 7, 6m Tehran riots polar bear baby fool Iman bomb on aircraft carrier Brazilian football camera: Rühe origin: Ipanema at the beginning and end of total length

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