UFA-Dabei 881/1973 12.06.1973


01 Rio de Janeiro: Portrait: Brazilian football II before a high-rise coached the Brazilian national football team. Mario Zagallo, the coach of the team. Player great, close during the exercises. Various settings of the game of Brazil - Bolivia at the Maracana Stadium. Brazil WINS 5:0 coach Zagallo is half total by hand a sign. ZL shots during the game. Players falling out. Players exchanged their jerseys.
(70 m) 02 Israel: Willy Brandt visited Israel Boeing 707 of air force. On the airport building a soldier with a rifle. German and Israeli flags. Willy Brandt comes down the aircraft stairs. Golda Meir and Willy Brandt, shake hands. The word "Shalom" to the airport building. Golda Meir, Willy Brandt and the delegations from the two countries on the aircraft stairs. Military Chapel. Anywhere soldiers with guns. Günter Grass in the German delegation. Abba Eban in the Israeli delegation. Shooting in old Jerusalem. Wailing wall. The House of the Prime Minister from the outside and Abba Eban and President Katzir. President Katzir Willy Brandt presented a vase in the plexiglass box. In the Knesset, festive dinner. Festive wardrobe. Yad Vashem, the Memorial to the victims of the persecution of Jews. Willy Brandt put down a wreath. Willy Brandt has a hat on his head. Willy Brandt reads the 103rd Psalms of the old testament quote: "the Mr is merciful and gracious, patient, and of great kindness. He is not always wrangle nor keep anger for ever."
(70 m) 03 Paris: Chinese art exhibition and Chinese artists Petit Palais from the outside. Statues and sculptures from the 2nd century before Christ. 2000-year-old mummy of Princess Teou Wan made several thousand jade plates. His art. Artist group. Two vertically set bearings, power performers from China demonstrate their skills.
(52 m) 04. Berlin: forest stage concert with Ekseption Berlin forest stage, empty. Incoming fans with sleeping bags, blankets, etc. Holl. Pop group "Ekseption". Trafo recordings are Pieter Voogt, drummer van der Linden, on the organ. Jan Vennik, SAX and flute. COR Dekker bass, rein van den Broek, trumpet. Fans at the forest stage.
(64 m)

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Brandt, Willy ; Broek van den, Rein ; Dekker, Cor ; Eban, Abba ; Ekseption ; Grass, Günter ; Katzir ; Linden van der, Rick ; Meir, Golda ; Voogt, Pieter ; Zagallo, Mario


Paris ; Israel ; Berlin ; Brazil


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Hands ; Flags ; aircraft ; Football ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; wreath stoppages ; Art ; Military ; Foreign policy events ; Architecture ; Exhibitions ; Buildings in Asia ; Buildings in Europe ; Military ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 881/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Portrait: Brazilian football, II. origin: Ipanema Brandt in Israel camera: Luppa Chinese art/Chin.Artisten in Paris origin: Pathé journal forest stage concert with Ekseption/Berlin camera: Pahl, Kopleck at the beginning and end of total length

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