UFA-Dabei 882/1973 19.06.1973


01. Berlin: Football match Germany - Brazil
Berlin Olympic Stadium total, full ranks. Film amateur with wide-rimmed hat. The German team in attack. Franz Beckenbauer, totally. Brazilian coach Zagallo, half-total. Berti Vogts in defence. Bundestrainer Schön, half-total. Professional photographers. Two footballers have the ball alternately, only to see the feet, in ZL. Brazilian goalkeeper Leao prevents a goal. A nun as a spectator. Franz Beckenbauer makes a free kick. One goal Dirceu/ Brazil, ZL. Goalkeeper Maier. Brazilian players embrace. Headless play with the Germans. A woman with a big hat and sunglasses, close.
(68 m)

02. Dortmund: World Exhibition for Breed Dogs. (Kynology Congress)
Dog owners show their dogs. Rottweiler, Airdale Terrier, Shepherds. Dog boxes from above. Latz dog food advertising. A greyhound, English bull terrier, Chinese hairless poop dog. The new Eurasierrace, a cross between Wolfsspitz and Chow-Chow. Demonstration of the working dogs: a Rottweiler, a police shepherd when a person is arrested. Doberman. Karstadt advertising.
(46 m)

03. Stuttgart: German Gymnastics Festival 73
In the castle park, a girl turns on the lawn. Square concert. Eberhard Gienger, European Champion at the Reck. ZL recordings. Eberhard Gienger leads the Tsukuhara finish at the Reck. Close-ups, semi-total. At the gymnastics festival men, women and girls of different ages. Gymnastics with rings. The gymnastics field, totally, with many gymnasts during exercises. Various demonstrations at the Reck. Trampoline. Festive parade of gymnasts through the city. As a spectator Min. H. Ehmke, Willy Daume.
(77 m)

04. Archive series
Bomb disposal in Nuremberg WIB/66: Unexploded ordnance on construction sites in the Old Town. Evacuated houses. Residents carry their loved ones to safety. Furniture trolley is closed. Police officers drive through the city with loudspeakers "Please visit the air raid shelters". Alarm siren. Cat flees on wall. The explosive command removes the detonator from the bomb. After the removal, the explosive master drinks from bottle. The defused bomb is pulled up on crane and transported to trucks.
Adoption WIB 66: Mixed children go to the plane and board. American has adopted 8 German mixed-breed children. SAS aircraft takes off. Large shots of the children's faces.
Children's Festival NDW/175: Children run together and give away tickets. Children ride on elephant. Little boy with sailor suit and balloon. Children's betting games: Wool betting wraps. Clothes hanging, knitting, race through fishing net. Winner receives scooter. Children's faces as spectators, big.
(81 m)

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Beckenbauer, Franz ; Ehmke, Horst ; Daume, Willi ; Gienger, Eberhard ; Leao ; Maier, Josef ; Schön, Helmut ; Vogts, Berti ; Zagallo, Mario ; Dirceu


Berlin ; Dortmund ; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Gymnastics ; Dogs ; Football ; Musical events ; Reviews ; Gymnastics ; Fishing ; Listener ; Jobs ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 882/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Camera: Pahl, Rühe, Krigar, Männling

World Exhibition for Dogs in Dortmund
Camera: Luppa

German Gymnastics Festival in Stuttgart
Camera: Brandes, Rau, Zimpel

Archive Series:

Bomb removal adoption

Children's festival

Archive Series:

Title 7.6m

Bomb removal adoption

Children's festival

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