UFA-Dabei 888/1973 31.07.1973


01 East Berlin: X. World Festival youth in East Berlin Dr. Haese actuality interviewed FDJ youth on the street and on Alexanderplatz. Interviews with Festival participants from West Germany. Men with T-Shirts. "Now, we want to record connections"With what expectations did you get here to the World Youth Festival to Berlin?"- with foreign young friends." - "Well, if you want, we will talk"You intend also to make contacts with the German delegation?"- with them." - "what topics would you E.g. preferably with the German delegation discuss want?"-" now, any European Security Conference or basic Treaty BRD/DDR. "-"Had topics that you would like to discuss with German delegates?"-"for example about the work, such as the young people in Germany get to work and so, work like you at all."-" and what topics would you prefer if you want to talk with participants from the Federal Republic?"-"Oh well "That music."-"what kind of music because?"-"Beat." "Young Union" printed on the shirts. Modern houses. "A representative of the young Union actuality is called the expectations of her visit:"We are across driven ultra-liberalism, we want to with young people, with the FDJ with guests here with the people discuss."- we argue with our 17 points catalog, we written the in the leaflet have."-"we advocate freedom of movement against imperialism, even if he goes out of the Soviet Union ", as in the Czechoslovakia 1968, and these topics address we then relentlessly here."
Opinion of the delegates of the Spartacus: "We want to discuss about the struggle of students and youth for their social and political rights, on the movement of students, about the movement of working-class youth, about the anti-imperialist solidarity movement in the Federal Republic of Viet Nam, for the Middle East."
The opening ceremony in "Stadium of the youth of the world". Flags, banners, and images such as Honecker, Brezhnev. On the Auditorium of Honecker, Stoph. Smacking both hands. In the opening train young people from different Nations. Arafat briefly on the Auditorium. Dr. Haese (DW) actuality interviewed both the Chairman of the Young Socialists of Wolfgang Roth half total and close: "we yesterday the beginning of saw, the opening event. For me, the decisive impression on the first day, that the width of this world, the different interests of the people, something what a degree, when you stand in politics, particularly striking in the Federal Republic, which is still very provincial in respect to third world, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and I believe that repercussions on our political behavior is also therefore of this festival. We will represent our views in the next few days on all official events and also in conversations at the edge in friendship meeting. I think at all that one can say that at this festival for the first time, as far as I know the history of the Festival, agreements on the occurrence of the foreign guests who bring ideological conditions and views, also to comply with and makes such appointments."
(126 m) 02. Berlin: sculptor Bernhard Holy Brandenburg Gate, short. Pedestrian. B. Saint goes on the road. Recordings in his workshop. Bernhard Heiliger draws half total, close. Recorded interview, he talks about his work: "I draw to much, because simply I'm interested in the drawing as a drawing. The diagonal plays a main role in me, I think first and foremost because it is dynamic. To run around a rod or wire around the form as an accompaniment, enhances the shape and is nerve points, again highlighting the whole thing at the same time. Basically, I'm someone who would like to have poured every piece in a metal. The bronze makes with everything what I want. I can be very soft and delicate and transparent, I can be quite stable and hard in my form. A sculpture has a thousand views. There is no home, no next page. You have to go around to really understand them, take time, she must however always, I think, be aimed at the people out. That is, on its size, be his eye point. Man can never make up something special in art. Man can only try to do what wants to be in a form and if you do that, what wants in one, then it is right and then it's real. Then, it is not only him but also the time in which he lives." Drawings, close, close to bronze sculptures. Bernhard Heiliger is working on a large sculpture. Sculptures, close. A Bernhard Heiliger - sculpture in a park.
(85 m) 03 Passader see: 16th German Water Ski Championships on the Passader see a group of water skiers demonstrated their skills. Henriette Rosendahl is winner with the ladies. Karl Heinz Benzinger WINS in the men's. Youth European champion Victor Schneider. Ski jumping. Various jumps. ZL recordings. Also falls into the water. The winner Hagen Klie. Spectators on the shore.
(63 m)

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Benzinger, Karl Heinz ; Arafat, J. ; Breschnjew, Leonid ; Haese, Jürgen ; Heiliger, Bernhard ; Honecker, Erich ; Roth, Wolfgang ; Stoph, Willi ; Klie, Hagen ; Rosendahl, Henriette ; Schneider, Siegrid


East Berlin ; Berlin ; Passader see ; Passader see


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Education, youth ; Flags ; festivals ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Portraits ; Surfing ; Art ; water skiing ; Surfing ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 888/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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X. World Festival youth in East Berlin camera: Rühe origin: DEFA, Sonderd.

Bernhard Heiliger German Water Ski Championships on the Passader see camera: Seib, Tietge, Bennacef at the beginning and end of total length

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