UFA-Dabei 893/1973 04.09.1973


01 Frankfurt: Funeral of Karl-Hermann Flach in St. Paul's Church St. Paul's Church from the outside and inside. Adorned the coffin with flowers. Wreath of the Federal Chancellor, close. Walter Scheel, Annemarie Renger, Hildegard Hamm-Brücher sitting, half total. Willy Brandt sitting half total. Photos by Karl-Hermann Flach during his political career. Walter Scheel speaks o-ton: "Karl-Hermann Flach came at the right time. He has simple values of politics, freedom at a time of hectic change, complex social processes, in a world threatened by violence and intolerance, animates the respect of for human dignity, with new vigor. He was honest, fearless, does not stop before any taboo, even against powerful interests. He found the right word. He was a passionate politician and leaves but no enemies. We free Democrats have to say goodbye now Karl-Hermann Flach."
During the speech of Scheels pan across the mourners: Helmut Kohl, H. Ehmke, Klaus Dohnany, Dietrich Genscher, Jahn, Eppler, j. Ertl and Frankfurt Mayor Rudi Arndt.
(49 m) 02. Berlin: Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin radio tower. Federal President Gustav Heinemann, close to the entertainment. Old radios. Steam radio. Quadro sound boards. SIW Malmquist sings original sound. Grundig portable colour TV. Blaupunkt car radio. Other modern radio and television sets.
(73 m) 03. Holland: Hockey World Cup: Netherlands - India for the Indians the first goal. After a short corner for the Indians 2:7 metres on 2: shorten 0 Dutch with a 1 Gates over doors. Dutch win. Cheering spectators. Award ceremony.
(69 m) 04 Germany: national football team defeated a LP In the Studio during recording: Beckenbauer, Müller, Helmut Schön, Sepp Maier, Ocampo, Breitner, Grabowski. National football team sings original sound choir. Sound engineer at work.
(71 m)

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Beckenbauer, Franz ; Breitner, Paul ; Arndt, Rudi ; Brandt, Willy ; Dohnany von ; Ehmke, Horst ; Eppler, Erhard ; Ertl, Josef ; Flach, Karl-Hermann ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Hamm-Brücher ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Jahn, Gerhard ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Malmkvist, Siw ; Renger, Annemarie ; Grabowski ; Maier, Josef ; Müller, Gerd ; Overath ; Schön, Helmut


Berlin ; Frankfurt ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Bad Neuenahr ; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Football ; Musical events ; Technology ; Deaths, funerals ; Hockey ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 893/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Burial Karl-Hermann Flach / Frankfurt Paulskirche camera: Luppa, Rieck Internationale Funkausstellung in Berlin camera: Pahl's World Hockey Championships: Holland against India origin: Polygoon national football team sings LP camera: Rau at the beginning and end of total length

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