UFA-Dabei 911/1974 08.01.1974


01 Nurburgring: motor cyclists meet motorcyclists ("elephant meeting") on the highway. Snow-covered forests. Once more motorcycles on the road. Camp fire. Tents. Ingestion of food in the snow. Man blowing a trumpet. The drive to the motor cycles of the "elephant"class. A motor BMW, large, close. Motor cycles several times. Man with fur hat.

02. Germany: Heidi take children Brühl and "Twins of the Immenhof" with two ponies from the carriage. Children riding with the ponies. Heidi Brühl, close. Excerpts from the film. Heidi Brühl goes to the forest. Heidi Brühl at the interview, interview: "we have new children in there and the animals, horses and the landscape. "You have changed a lot I think, it's all that what was at that time already, and I think also, again, is that with the nostalgia wave now very well arrive." - since your first "Immenhof premiere"?"-"I mean, you can see that Yes. I was much older in the meantime. I was 12 at the time and, ah, Oh God, I must say, it has given me a lot of fun once again to make an Immenhof movie made after 18 years." Children riding on the Lake with ponies. Further excerpts from the film "Twins of the Immenhof", for example Heidi Brühl sits at the bedside of the children and dances with the children.

03. Vienna: Andrée Heller: "precious, Oh precious" shots with Heller in the Prater. He goes for a walk with a lady. Heller has candy in his hand. Is a monument and speaks into the microphone. Heller, large, close, in a snack bar. Sitting on the toilet lid. Various shots in the Prater. Heller sits on the ghost train. Riding on a horse. Trick shot: Heller runs away in the zigzag line.

04. Pfronten / Allgäu: women's giant slalom course tour. The village Pfronten, total, transformer. Tourists on the streets of Pfronten. Various recordings. Waxing of skis. Massage before the start. Annemarie Pröll and Rosi Mittermaier, large, close. Various take-offs. Several runners on the slalom course. Traudl Treichel and Christa Zechmeister on the slopes. Rosi Mittermaier in ZL during the slalom run. EVI Mittermaiers fall. Annemarie Pröll in ZL on the slalom course. Slalom champion Kathy Kreiner / Canada, various shots, great too close. Annemarie Pröll, large, close, laughing.

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Brühl, Heidi ; Heller, Andreé ; Kreiner, Kathy ; Mittermaier, Evi ; Mittermaier, Rosi ; Moser-Pröll, Annemarie ; Treichel, Traudl ; Zechmeister, Christa


Nürburgring ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Vienna ; Nuremberg ; Wine ; Pfronten/Allgäu


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Fire ; filmmaking ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Portraits ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Animals (except dogs) ; Fishing ; Winter ; Gastronomy ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 911/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Elephant meeting at the Nürburgring camera: Luppa Heidi Brühl and "Twins of the Immenhof" camera: Rühe origin: Constantin André Heller: "Sairi, Oh precious" origin: Austria Ladies giant slalom in Pfronten camera: Rau, Rühe, Brandes, TITZE at the beginning and end of total length

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