UFA-Dabei 915/1974 05.02.1974


01 Aachen: Awarding of the order "reflected the seriousness of the animal" Walter Scheel Strutters and Hussars. Mildred Scheel and Walter Scheel laughing sitting at the table and hands smacking. Rüdiger von Wechmar, woman, hand in association. Inclusion in the Festival Hall. Festival Committee: Scheel receives the order. Scheel with back to the camera. Order, large, close. Helmut Schmidt Cap. Scheel speaks Cap o-ton: "Honourable ladies and gentlemen. It is you not sure hidden remained, I belong to one of the approved parties. Don't worry, I will mention Which one. Of course, I was thinking about whether I hear something underlying, is already quite good at underlying should make to advertise a bit. I was about, know, with the party colors, just they have already been mentioned here. But then I took it again. You just don't know exactly how that works, if I would have sung "Blue on the yellow car!" for example, which is Very much ambiguous." Prosecutor in the Hans Sachs audience laughing half total with Lady. Carlo Schmid, close. Helmut Schmidt, large, close. Pipe smoking, order on the neck. Scheel sings. Ambassador of rabbit sitting with a woman at the table, laughing. Ertl, laughing, smacking hands. Kiss: Mildred Scheel - Walter Scheel.

02. Bruchhausen: wedding Rudi Carell mini-train runs. At the window, Rudi Carell waving bride Anke Bobbert. Bride and groom rises in an old car. Bridal bouquet: Lily of the Valley. Rudi Carell, large, close, half total actuality speaks: "I must say tomorrow in the Registry Office of"Yes"and I know how my colleagues would do that. Wim Thoelke for example, who would say: "Yes, Yes, Yes.". He made this quiz "three times, no". He can tell so three times "Yes". Or as for example Peter Alexander at the Registrar's Office would say "Yes"? -Yes - he would make it. Or how would say "Yes" to Ilja Richter? -"Jahaha" so Ilja Richter do. Dietmar Schönherr: "Yes". Or Gerhard Löwenthal: "No." In the registry office: photographers and Registrar, o-ton: "You To want close the marriage before the law, join hands to life League. Mr Rudolf Wijbrand Kesselaar, you are ready to enter into the marriage with the current Miss Anke Bobbert, to reply "Yes." - "I explain"Yes."- force of law for lawfully connected married couples now." Bride and groom during the ceremony, large, close. The small train. Back on the platform waving spouses Carell.

03. Nuremberg: 25 Toy Fair Man goes on the road and pulls behind itself a large wood train. Recorded in the exhibition hall, General. Steiff plush animals. New parlor game: "Thud" with dice and figurines. Children printing with rubber letters. Physical laboratory. Sailing and motor boats with radio remote control systems. Original fake toy cars. Formula I racing car. Container terminal with modern loading equipment.

04. St. Moritz: World Cup / Ladies giant slalom I part streets in St. Moritz. People with skis and snow suits. A Lady goes to the floor. Snow plow. Annemarie Pröll on the slopes. Falls. Jacqueline Rouvier throws off the CAP. Traudl Treichl on the slopes. Fabienne Serrat on France on the slopes. Fabienne serrat, close.

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Carell, Rudi ; Ertl, Josef ; Hase von, Karl-Günther ; Sachs, Hans ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Wechmar von, Rüdiger ; Moser-Pröll, Annemarie ; Rouvier, Jacqueline ; Serrat, Fabienne ; Treichel, Traudl


Nuremberg ; Bruchhausen ; Aachen ; St. Moritz


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Canal jump ; Higher education ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Medals, awards, honors ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Toys, toys ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Social events ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 915/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Award of the order "reflected the seriousness of the animal" W. Scheel camera: Luppa wedding Rudi Carrell camera: fire 25 Toy Fair Nuremberg camera: Pahl World Cup / Ladies giant slalom in St. Moritz / I. part camera: Rau origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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