UFA-Dabei 925/1974 16.04.1974


1st a boy Helmuth Zellermaier with severe burns on her left leg is ADAC rescue helicopter used in the Easter traffic on the backseat of a car. ADAC helicopter lands, the stretcher is brought out. The boy is placed on the stretcher and brought into the helicopter. The helicopter lands prior to the hospital. ADAC Club President Stadler speaks about the ADAC rescue system o-ton: "I'm happy that it was the ADAC, who called the air rescue in life. The road was rocky and hard. But today we all know that it is the most optimal rescue, we have. "I hope that in the future all and more with, particularly, that our countries are to extend our airlift over the whole Federal territory." Graphics on helicopter use. The record for the rescue helicopter Christoph-8. Cockpit of the helicopter. Helicopters in the air, down highway. Accident: a car lies overturned on the lawn. The helicopter landed on the lawn. Ambulances also at the accident site. Inmates only slightly injured received first aid. Accident on the highway. A man is badly. Face covered in blood. Doctor and paramedics running from the helicopter to the accident site. A splintered windshield. The violations are treated Right away. Jürgen Schulz, the injured person is lifted onto the stretcher. The helicopter flies away.

02. Germany: Local border traffic BRD-DDR and observations at Easter traffic recordings from the border between West Germany and the DDR. Signs, close with remarks: "Border crossing" and "stop, clearance, BIP". Travelers get on the bus. Passport control on the bus. Border crossing: Duderstadt-Worbis. Border fence. Several travelers will be interviewed about their experiences, o-ton: "Visit your relatives more often?" - "Yes - are over my parents, and many of our relatives are there. "You take advantage of the opportunities of the small cross-border traffic we are so over." -?"-"No, not directly, perhaps in the quarter twice."-"I'm almost fully the. Almost full. We are three to four times determined in the quarter of the year."-"not quite A lot so we can't Yes."–" small border crossings, Yes. " Yes, full out."-"so not nine times."-"no, that is too expensive for us. We have done that. We have reduced."-"What displeases you on local border traffic?"-"Yes, we can not in the restricted area, for the first time, and the expensive now, the 20 mark."-"that we have to pay so A lot money."-" is pretty expensive, I do not know. "-"that we have to wait sometimes A lot, if there is A lot. "That we are so controlled, not?" - "until now still nothing. We drove over there while several times, but so far goes's."-"Thankyou."

03. Westfalen, Ahlen / Brackwede: Bundesbahn - speed - testing rail track, large and close. Measuring, instruments on Rails, track renewal and experimentation train. The E-103 locomotive is started. Test train on the route. Recordings in the locomotive. Speedometer shows electronic measuring 250 km / h. in the locomotive. Shots from the window of the train out. Images: Train with the camera mounted on the rail.

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Schulz, Jürgen ; Stadler ; Zellermaier, Helmuth


FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Brackwede ; Ahlen ; Westfalen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Railways ; Electricity ; accident series ; Accidents ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 925/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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ADAC rescue helicopter in use camera: Rau small border traffic BRD-DDR camera: Rühe and observations b. Easter traffic camera: Pahl Bundesbahn speed testing camera: Rieck, Pahl at the beginning and end of total length

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