UFA-Dabei 926/1974 23.04.1974


1st Dortmund / Westfalenhalle: European Cup final: indoor handball: VfL Gummersbach - Mai moskau MM champagne advertising. A man falls. For Mai Moskau the fifth time penalty. The Russian team leaves the field of play. Rough fouls of the players from both teams. Gummbersbach in the White Jersey. Various shots of playing hard. Seven meter throws in ZL. Hansi Schmidt, no. 9 shoots various goals. Audience, rank sold out. A man in the audience with a beard and glasses. Gummersbach WINS 19:17. The VfL Gummersbach team the trophy. The Russian player, disappointed, left the Hall.

02. DDR: young people marching military training and youth education in the GDR with flags on the stage. FDJ girl playing flute, large, close. FDJ youth play other musical instruments. Two boys talk with pathos in microphones. Officials. Exercises and target practice of young people. Military men's chorus sings original sound. A GDR soldier speaks interview about military training in the GDR. Officials at the handball goals throwing. The male choir of the Russian military comrades.

03. Hamburg: Bank robbery: police in cover behind a police car. Commerzbank branch from the outside. Policemen with bullet-proof vests. A policeman takes position in the entrance of a bookstore, right next to the door of the Bank. Getaway car: a Ford shuts before the Bank. The driver of the fleeing car with raised hands in swimming trunks. In the window of the Bank hand signals. The getaway car is maneuvered closer to the door. Police officers with walkie-talkies in coverage. A bank employee sprays black spray bottles the rear and side Windows. Curious in the Windows of surrounding houses. A male hostage at the door of the Bank. He masked gangster with a police cap on his head in the door. The gangster throws the police hat in the air. Police shoots, original sound. A second camera shows details. The knife on the neck of the hostage. Still photographs show details. The hostage is injured. A passport of the slain gangsters. His name is Humberto Martin Gonzales. The dead man is carried away. He lies on his stomach on the stretcher. Ambulances take away hurt the hostage. Forensics. Action 0: Gun, knife, large and close. Hamburg Police President Dr. Günter Redding assessed the police use, o-ton: "I would say the basic concept of our actions has proved correct. This show, maybe, also the public comments. This basic concept that is to search for the decision on the places of the Act. The officials were also commissioned to cripple the offender in any case and to save the hostages, if necessary including the use of the firearm. As an alternative, it was Of course included in the considerations, that the offender with the vehicle after outside would come, when there had been no opportunity at all, to make an access. But that was really just a stopgap for but everything was ready for us. The neighbours were alerted, reaction commands, helicopter and anything else on the points which came into consideration, were ready. Of course, the individual studies are now shown that are here or because technical details to improve. In this work, we are now, it will take some time, until we have results to have. But I would like to stress the usage was correct in principle and we have no errors to improve on this basic concept."

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Gonzales, Humberto Martin ; Lüdcke ; Redding, Günter ; Schmidt, Hansi


DDR ; Hamburg ; Dortmund ; Westphalia Hall


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Handball ; Interviews ; Justice ; Police ; Crime ; Weapons ; Judiciary ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 926/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Indoor handball / European Cup: VfL Gummersbach - Mai Moskau camera: Rühe, Rau, Jürgens military training and youth education in the GDR origin: DEFA, DEFA bank robbery Hamburg camera: fire Rühe, Jackson at the beginning and end of total length

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