UFA-Dabei 935/1974 25.06.1974


01 East Berlin / Bonn: Günther Gaus in East Berlin, Michael Kohl in Bonn G. Gaus half total and big and close gets out of the car, the jacket buttons. People COP is on the car door. Council of State building in the background. Finland, striding down the front. Staatsratsvorsitzender Stoph comes into the room. Accreditation ceremony. G. Committee reads the credentials. Shaking hands of Gaus - Stoph. Bonn Villa Hammerschmidt. Michael Kehl rises from a Mercedes. Stander on the car. Kohl goes together with Gustav Heinemann. Both side by side, half total. Credentials, large and close.

02. Stuttgart: "Jugend forscht" - Star competition Daimler Benz factory Museum from the outside. Students enter. Henri Nannen, big and close at the award ceremony. Sven Schütte wins the 1st prize in the field of GEO - and space sciences. Kurt Debus in conversation with Sven Schütte. Other "young researchers" to explain their work. Muskrats big and close in the terrarium. Calculator big and close.

03. Cologne: Men's fashion male model on the hotel stairs. Hotel Porter. Trick: divided picture. Right correctly seated links incorrectly fitting clothing. Office: Miss Gauert at the typewriter. Male model. Fashion shoots in the bar. Bartender. Passat sailing ship in Lübeck, casual fashion for men.

04. Hamburg: World Cup: BRD - DDR fans flock to the stadium. Colorful hats, flags, etc. Katharina Focke, Günther Gaus, Helmut Kohl and Helmut Schmidt come as a spectator. G. monitoring and Michael Kohl sit side by side on the stands. The two teams and the referee. Wolfgang Overrath hopping on the halfway line. Game in ZL. G. Müller passes the ball to Grabowski, but he missed the opportunity. Müller has a chance again, but hits the post. Defensive error of the BRD-Elf, Jürgen Sparwasser shoots 1-0 for the German Democratic Republic. Repetition of the gate. Overrath solo run. Beckenbauer on the ball. Günter Netzer on the sidelines is fit. Fans from the GDR happily swing their flags. Great Jubilee under the East German players. Netzer No. 10 on the playing field. Beckenbauer is a DDR player from the field.

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Beckenbauer, Franz; Debus, Kurt; Focke, Katharina; Gauert, Claudia; Gaus, Günther; Heinemann, Gustav; Kohl, Hannelore; Kohl, Michael; Nannen, Henry; Schmidt, Helmut; Schütte, Sven; Stoph, Willi; Grabowski; Müller, Gerd; Netzer, Günter; Overath; Sparwasser, Jürgen


Lübeck; Bonn; Hamburg; Cologne; East Berlin; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY; Stuttgart


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Education, youth; Football; Rockets; Aerospace; Shipping; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside); State visits (inside); Technology; Animals (except dogs); Competitions; Testing; Foreign policy events; Fashion; Jobs; Buildings in Europe; Technology; transport


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UFA-Dabei 935/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Günther Gaus in East Berlin origin: DEFA Michael Kohl in Bonn camera: Luppa "Jugend forscht" camera: Rau mens - fashion camera: Rahim Cup: BRD - DDR / Hamburg camera: Seib, Zakariah, fire beginning and end of total length

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Jürgen Sparwasser Turns 70 (* June 4, 1948)

The player who scores the most legendary goal in the history of German-German football is none other than Jürgen Sparwasser. In what would be the first and last 1974 world cup game between the two German national teams he shoots the decisive 1:0 for the East German team, a definite underdog. Against the backdrop of the Cold War the game had been talked up as a brotherly battle from the very beginning. East Germany hails the “Sparwasser goal” a triumph over the class enemy. Later on in the world cup the victory turns out to be rather disadvantageous. As the top team of its group the GDR has to play other top teams--strong opponents such as Brazil, Netherlands and Argentina. Eventually the GDR gets eliminated from the world cup. The FRG on the other hand has it comparatively easy and proceeds to win the world cup.  

The politicized goal makes Sparwasser famous but lets his athletic achievements fade into the background. Only a few weeks prior to the world cup his football team, the 1st FC Magdeburg shot itself into the victorious European cup final against the renowned A.C. Milan. The multiple top scorer and his club win the East German championship three times and grab four national cup titles. The striker also has a hand, or rather foot, in the East German bronze medal during the 1972 Olympic Games.

After ending his active career in 1979 due to injuries, the mechanical engineer goes back to school to become a “sports instructor with a special training in football” and eventually teaches at the teacher training college in Magdeburg. However, because he repeatedly rejects the offer of head coach at 1st FC Magdeburg, he is denied a doctorate. This leads to his decision to leave East Germany in 1988. Later on he works as a coach for a number of teams and promotes young players.

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