UFA-Dabei 940/1974 30.07.1974


01 Munich: farmer demonstration in Germany farmers on the street with posters with different texts. Otto Freiherr von Feury, o-ton: "we protest that we will... build Europe alone on our shoulders, the shoulders of German farmers The French Government supports the Brussels action with national actions billion francs will be used for. What makes Ertl? What is Sai? They are deaf, they don't want us, but this protest rally must open their ears." He speaks on the market place in Munich. Brussels: farm demonstrations in Belgium. Breakdown of UFA 766 / 1 - same section. Buses on the highway. Police at the roadside. Military road in Brussels. Relocation of farmers, one laughing is a piglet on the shoulders. Several settings of densely crowded crowds with banners. Burning car on the road. Several water cannon in action. Protesters in the water jet. Burning cars, total. Several settings of the destruction and the dirty streets. France: peasant demonstrations in France. French farmers on the roads with tractors. French sheep farmers. Large fields of grain.

02. France: French farmers music breakdown from El Mundo 590 / 4 - same section. Recreational musicians marching in a village. Drummer, saxophonist, and Horn player. Musicians give open-air concert. Musicians in their daily farm work, for example asparagus, pork feed, wine tasting. Water plants short. Musicians drink together. Sound bites: "I'm here at the Chapel, because good comrades there. Every farmer here plays with."-"well, it's a distraction, and we have nothing else here except work. There is no distractions in such a nest like Rigny Ussé."

03. archive series: strikes in Germany - Nürburgring breakdowns from NDW 237 and 236 - same section. Strikes: Hamburg: Trade Union ÖTV: work stoppage at the Hamburger Hochbahn and the gas and water utilities. Trams in the depot. Shield: Is this a strike! Dog is located on tram tracks and rises slowly when approaching from motor vehicle. Stilliegende Alster ships on the Jungfernstieg. High-speed trains standing. Newspaper headline Abendblatt: the strike continues. Pedestrian scramble. People go in private bus. 6 people ride in motorcycle with sidecar. Private cars take people. Bicycle traffic. Ballot of Union members. Munich: Trade union IG-Metall: strike at the Bavarian motorcycle works. People are facing the factory gate is closed.
Nürburgring: Start the car. Gonzales on Ferrari sits at the top before Fangio on Mercedes. Visitors to track. Gonzales leads the 1st round and then being overtaken by Fangio. Kling on Mercedes drives up to the leading group. Riders come from curve in the image. 3 Mercedes then run it Gonzales on Ferrari with Fangio, long, Kling. Fangio hunt Kling, supervisor gesticulate excitedly. Hermann and long have excreting on Mercedes. Gonzales goes to box and get off. His car takes over Hawthorn. Battered cars of Marimon driver fatally injured during training. Kling is with damage on the rear axle to box. Race Director Neubauer is curious to the page. Fangio on Mercedes goes as the winner by the target. As world champion 1954, Fangio von Heuss is congratulated. Laurel wreath. Weeping, his wife congratulated him. Advertisement at the starting hut: Mercedes Benz - Metzeler - Esso - Bosch. King Pilsener, Hiller's Peppermint.

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Feury von, Otto


France ; Munich ; Brussels ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Forestry ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Reviews ; Agriculture ; Agriculture ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 940/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Peasant demonstrations in Deutschld.
Camera: Rough farmer demonstration in France origin: Pathé journal farmer demonstration in Belgium French farmers make music ("Les Fanfares") origin: Gaumont archive series: (title 7, 6 m) strikes in Germany Nurburgring at the beginning and end of total length

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