UFA-Dabei 961/1974 10.12.1974


1950 retrospective - 01 25 years ago title Assembly (NDW 1) on camera car German newsreel cameramen. Rotating camera, great. Rotating camera in front of Tower Bridge, skyscrapers of New York, ship, industrial landscape, car racing, Bamberger Reiter, Cologne Cathedral. Spinning wheels, film reel, film strips. Mr Cleinow on the cutting table. Presenter at demonstration machine.

02. Hamburg: launch of Lucie Essberger (NDW 1) hull bottom, great. Launching. Ship slip into the water. (Picture from the front). Boat is in the water.

03. London: Meeting of Foreign Ministers (NDW 16) Foreign Minister Schumann in conversation with Dean Acheson. Ernest Bevin to negotiating table (Germany's integration into the Western European Community, revision of the occupation regime, ending the State of war).

04. Berlin: Dismissed from concentration camp Sachsenhausen (NDW 2) concentration camp – dismissed from Sachsenhausen with baby in her arms with the British Red Cross. Laid-off get clothes. Medical examination. Redundant with cooking dishes at table sitting and eating.

05. Berlin: Demonstration of the FDJ in the zone border (NDW 10) crowd on the road. Leaflets. Onslaught of the FDJ. Scuffle. West Berlin police drives apart crowd.

06. Construction Minister Wildermuth visited construction sites in North Rhine-Westphalia (NDW 7) basement apartments in ruins. Barracks half under the ground. Chimney smoke from wreckage. Wildermuth visited construction sites for apartments in Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Oberhausen.

07 Wolfsburg: 100,000th Volkswagen (NDW 6) VW cars on the Assembly line. Parking in front of the factory. Completed, the VW driving it. Professor Nordhoff speaks at company party for the completion of the 100,000th VW. Jeweled anniversary car will be raffled. Woman attacks blindfolded in ballot. Young winners will be congratulated by Nordhoff and increases in VW.

08 Nürburgring race (NDW 30) under the spectators standing, Heuss, half-close. Cars at the start. Start flag is waved. Cars on the track. Car drives against ramp, flings, and stops. Alberto Ascari Ferrari driving as the winner by the target.

09th Bonn: Demonstration against increase in the petrol price (NDW 3) policeman regulates traffic. Column of trucks in the streets of Bonn on trip to the Federal Parliament after the rally. Poster "increase in fuel prices means price increases and unemployment – in emergency, fuel boost death be force driving trade.

10 Godesberg: Theodor Heuss is the former French Prime Minister Paul Reynauld (NDW 17) car driving out before Victor height. Paul Reynauld entering building. Heuss and Reynauld terrace, close to half (Germany's entry into the Council of Europe, common management coal and steel).

11th week of German film (NDW 35) Studio mirror "The third from the right". Jacob of Giffra as a Director gives instructions to dancers. Headlight goes out. "Furioso" Studio mirror. Flap is beaten. Kirsten Heiberg sings original sound. Atelier game gel "Come a day". Maria Schell's singing at the piano. Standing as a listener at the piano Dieter Borsche. Atelier mirror "Falling star" with Werner Krauss and Dieter Borsche. Scenes with Werner Krauss, original sound.

12 Rome: Equestrian Countess Helene von Hohenau in Rome (NDW 14) to ride over the Alps rides the Countess on Arabian mare by Rome.

13th farewell visit of the High Commissioner Brian Robertson Heuss arrival of the new High Commissioner Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick (NDW 22). Rolls-Royce reverses, Mrs. Robertson gets out of car, then Brian Robertson. Greeting a COP, big. Handshake Heuss - Robertson. Heuss in conversation with Ms. Robertson. Twin-engined propeller aircraft lands. Ivone Kirkpatrick and wife get off plane. Stand of the British army presented. Kirkpatrick, on the microphone.

14 Berlin: Summer sale (NDW 27) posters Berlin head stands. People rush after opening in department store. Scrum. Husband leaves loaded with packages department store.

15. Hamburg: fashion show at Atlantic (NDW 19) Jaques Fath neon Atlantic. Mannequin of Jaques Fath on the catwalk. Bright Street gown with long black gloves. Afternoon dress. Sporty dress and jacket. Evening dresses with pleated tulle, large neck frills. Wedding dress. As viewers Albrecht Saenz, large, and film producer Walter Koppel.

16 Hamburg: Fashion from Vienna in the Hotel Atlantic (NDW 37) Alster and lighted houses. Mannequins at a fashion show at the Hotel Atlantic, among them Nadja Tiller. Demonstration of costumes, costumes, dresses, coats and evening dresses. Calf-length skirt length.

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UFA-Dabei 961/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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