UFA-Dabei 966/1975 28.01.1975


01 Berlin: Green week 1975 parking. People wait on the inlet into the exhibition spaces. Text: "International Green Week Berlin 1975" above the entrance to see. Tablecloths. Berlin's Governing Mayor Klaus Schütz and Federal Agriculture Minister Josef Ertl come down the stairs. Baron Constantin Heermann by Zuydtwyck background. Fish ponds with carp and trout. Fillet of fish - skinning machine. Pigs. Minister of agriculture Josef Ertl and Mayor Klaus Schütz make food samples. South America stands with bananas, for example. Cooking grills steaks.

02. Germany: bicycle story and federal award for good form (see also: DSP 244 or UFA 876 / 4) Additionally: Mr Lüdcke on a penny farthing. Stages of development of the bicycle. The Federal Prize for good form "for bicycles and what belongs to": a folding bike - a multi purpose wheel - a road bike. Details on the bicycles. The bicycle for tomorrow by a girl demonstrates.

03. Atelier mirror: "two heavenly thick skull" scenes from the movie: In the rain on a barn two men. The men go into the barn and disturb a pair of lovers in the hay. Recording sessions for the film. Excerpts from the film: two men make cross-country riding and then award ceremony.

04. Austria: "Der Watzmann calls", singer-songwriters Wolfgang Ambros Wolfgang Ambros cuts bread. Wine glasses on the table. Waterfall. Wolfgang Ambros in the snow. Falling down.

05. Netherlands: Former world judo champion Anton Geesink catcht handshake. Anton Geesink - Karamazoff / Russia. Various excerpts from the fight. Audience. Excerpts from former Judo battles with Geesink. Wrestling. Various recordings.

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Ambros, W. ; Ertl, Josef ; Heeremann von ; Lüdcke ; Schütz, Klaus ; Geesink, Anton ; Karamazoff


Berlin ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Munich ; Austria ; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wrestling ; Honors ; filmmaking ; Fish ; Forestry ; Musical events ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Agriculture ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Agriculture ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 966/1975

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Green Week 1975 camera: Pahl bicycle story and federal award for good form "Two heavenly thick skull" Atelier mirror camera: Rau "the Watzmann calls" pop singer of Wolfgang Ambros origin: Austria Judo world champion Geesink catcht origin: Polygoon at the beginning and end of total length

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