UFA-Dabei 1037/1976 08.06.1976


01 Freiburg: FDP - party day German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, close, speaking, actuality: "freedom, this is our theme, and freedom, which remains our issue." Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Hans Friderichs speaks, o-ton: "if one of the most prominent opposition member of Parliament, Mr von Weizsäcker and others - tried in the Bundestag, to prove the accuracy of the formula... freedom instead of socialism" W. Maihofer, close. On the wall of large text: "Freedom, progress, performance FDP." Group picture of MAK, Genscher, H. Hamm-brücher. Delegates. Liselotte Funke in conversation with Genscher. Hamm-brücher with Friderichs in conversation. Josef Ertl, close, cigar smoking. Vote. Genscher speaks, o-ton: "and I tell you, my friends in the party, will fail on October 3, anyone who believes that one must only black paint the future, black dial on October 3. The tasks before us, the determination to enforce the liberal goals of our election platform, seven-year good experience of partnership, the will, as Chairman of the free democratic party with Helmut Schmidt as Chancellor to continue the social liberal policy, which has protected our country in the midst of a Europe struggling hard with political and economic problems social peace, social progress and political and economic stability, a liberal order , which prompted me to ask for your consent to the following declaration: "the free democratic party declared their will to continue with the social liberal coalition for the next parliamentary term. She is determined to continue to make the Coalition to a common success for our country, achieving a maximum degree of liberal policies." "My friends, the voters should know what it is with this party." Slapping delegates. Genscher lifting both hands high.

02. Germany: Research and innovation with statement Minister Matthöfer laboratory. Apparatus for measurements. Cabin lifts, cranes. Innovation show of German research institutes. Robby, a versatile industrial robot of VW research, which repeals crankshafts and pushes, runs 16 programs. Sail windmill water pump. Federal Minister Hans Matthöfer about innovation, o-ton: "we owe our high level of prosperity our technical capability. We must invest so much money in research and development of new technologies. A lot of it is happening in publicly funded institutions, laboratories and major research institutes. Now, we of course have an interest that the results that are achieved, be implemented as quickly as possible in technical innovations, innovations, i.e. be transferred into industrial practice. The trade fair in Hannover offers an excellent framework for this. Here come not only representatives of large companies, but also medium-sized and smaller companies that can build up any own research capacities. You are interested in so very special, to have contacts with researchers in public institutions." A new beam aperture to the exact treatment of cancerous tumors by cobalt radiation. How to contact with talks. License exchange. Space laboratory Spacelab.

03. Racing a. Austria: autocross small racing cars where the driver with steel tubes are protected, driving through curves. Clouds of dust. Audience at the hills racetrack. The winner gets out of the car.

b. England: new Jaguar curtain. Curtain is pulled to the side. Behind the curtain of the new 6-cylinder Jaguar large, close. Look under the hood. Man at the wheel. Archival footage from the Le Mans race. The new Jaguar on the racetrack.

c. Nairobi: Africa rally two Africans with dog. Impressions of the East Africa rally: potholes, moat and lots of dust. Lancia team with spare wheel on the car roof. A black COP on the horse. Several racers with their car. Viewers on the trees. Car number 8, controlled by Joginder Singh travels through the water rides through Savannah. Singh goes to the finish as the winner. Audience. Reporter. Award ceremony. Singh has a turban on his head.

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Ertl, Josef ; Friderichs, Hans ; Funcke, Liselotte ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Hamm-Brücher ; Maihofer, Werner ; Matthöfer, Hans ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Singh, Joginder


Nairobi ; England ; Freiburg ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Austria ; Brussels


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; motor sports ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Fishing ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Testing ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1037/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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FDP Party Congress in Freiburg camera: Rau 'Research and innovation' with statement min. Matthöfer camera: Jürgens, Luppa autocross origin: Austria new Jaguar origin: COI Africa rally origin: Austria at the beginning and end of total length

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