UFA-Dabei 1040/1976 29.06.1976


01 Hamburg: Texaco pilot girls girl running in a park. Girls large, close. Girl Christiane in the kitchen in her room in the bath house in the shower with a friend at the walk through the town, in the Cafe at the University well with students. Christiane attracts their Texaco outfit. Cars from various countries. Texaco-pilot-girls go. Short city recordings Kiel, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. Christiane helps a tourist. Moving the roller.

02. summer party of the German Chancellor Bundeswehr Chapel. New Chancellor's Office of the Palais Schaumburg. Guests arrive, guests in the Park. Women in Black Forest costume, with Helmut Schmidt, Genscher with wife Loki Schmidt, Karin Dor, close. Curt Jürgens in conversation with Ms. Dr. Mildred Scheel. Curt Jürgens with girlfriend. Chefs. Helmut Schmidt gives autographs. Helmut Schmidt with Mildred Scheel. Dancing couples, Orchestra.

03. Germany: Foreign journalists visit the Elbe lateral Canal Avenue, horse-drawn carriages. Wilfried Hasselmann receives journalists on his estate. Drawing beer, cold buffet, gallows bowling. Hajime shows how it's done. Trials of journalists. VW plant in Wolfsburg, barge in the Canal. VW-Werk information hour. Toni Schmücker speaks. Ceremonial opening of the Elbe Canal. Ships sail by. Prime Minister Albrecht on a ship. Cutting of the Ribbon. Hamburg's Mayor Klose, Albrecht, Transport Minister Gscheide, former Mayor Weichmann aboard Hans Albers, other ships.

04. Frankfurt: DFB-Pokal final HSV - Kaiserslautern fans with HSV flags. Hamburger in the bright Jersey. Various scenes. Peter Nogly shoots the 1:0 players embrace. Fans wave flags. Björnmose shoots various scenes the 2:0. HSV team with the Cup.

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Björnmose ; Albrecht, Ernst ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Gscheidele, Kurt ; Hasselmann, Wilfried ; Jürgens, Curd ; Klose, Hans-Ulrich ; Scheel, Mildred ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Schmidt, Hannelore ; Schmücker, Toni ; Weichmann, Herbert ; Nogly


Bonn ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Hamburg ; Frankfurt ; Lower Saxony ; Wolfsburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Customs ; Football ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Costumes ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Social events ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1040/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Texaco pilot girls camera: Rühe summer festival of the Chancellor's camera: Luppa foreign journalists visit the Elbe - Seitenkanal camera: Rühe DFB Cup final: HSV-1. FC Kaiserslautern/Frankfurt camera: Luppa, Rieck, Jackson at the beginning and end of total length

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