UFA-Dabei 1046/1976 10.08.1976


01 Germany: election campaign of parties with Helmut Kohl and Franz-Josef Strauss props in the election campaign: posters with German flag colours. Anoraks with Germany colors, picture by Helmut Schmidt, FDP balloons, FDP adhesive of the car. Picture of Genscher, image with car tires and text SPD/FDP the air is out, poster with text: "Women for the CDU". Poster with Helmut Kohl. Rhine boat trip with Helmut Kohl and the CDU's new members. Brass band with CDU adhesives. CDU election rally in a market place. Helmut Kohl speaks, o-ton: "ladies and gentlemen, dear friends Christian Democratic Union." I hope I can also say: Dear political opponents, because to our style of political debate heard it, that we reasonably treat each other and don't insult the others, who thinks differently, and defame. It concerns a normal operation on this October 3. It comes that the Supreme sovereign of our country, which is the people, that is the citizen, determines about who leads the Government in our country from 1976-1980. This is not a change of power, as the Social Democrats say, is a change of Government, and in democracy, ladies and gentlemen, it is the most normal thing of the world, that the citizen chooses a Government Office. And it is quite clear that we have this time not only a great chance, but we will prevail, that the turn is the time for the better in German politics." Listeners. CSU election rally: Franz-Josef Strauss, both Stücklen big. Franz-Josef Strauss talks, o-ton: "since there is this contract, less German came out as before, year after year with greater difficulty, under unbearable part harassment." We have a complete picture, how many requests are made, this is just a vanishing fraction of those who want to leave, E.g. because people are afraid, there is tapped at night, as the political officials of the political Commission and says he wants to talk once, what because the comrade alive in the people's Republic of Poland finds so intolerable, that he has made applications for exit." Hans Friderichs - poster. Hans Friderichs speaks at the election rally, quote: "we have a number of problems that come from the outside. Raw material crisis, energy crisis, world currency crisis better survived than many have feared - better survived as our neighbors. It was only possible because at the same time the foreign - operated by the Federal Government and foreign economic policy has improved the condition through an integration of our relations with the East. And we are therefore on the 3. "October, and already in the preselection phase, the voters with this balance and our opinion and say clearly what we want in the next four years, what it's about, namely: this development to continue on 76, to ensure that the upward trend will continue in 77 and thus permanently again a higher level of employment, i.e. to reach full employment." Work continues on the model of Germany Social Democrats. Willy Brandt is canvassing for the talks, o-ton: "a vote will be decided in the minds and in the hearts of the people and it is widely decided in four thousand conversation of the women and men of our people. And there we have our role and there to let make Please also not mistaken, when a wave, which we can keep up with may not be then comes in the final round a big wave of advertisements and printed materials. I tell you beforehand, if we take together correctly, then the small money of the many will again defeat the big money of the few." Clapping audience. Willy Brandt drinks oversized wine glass.
Extraordinary Party Congress of the SPD 18th/19th June 1976. Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, H. Koschnick, Herbert Wehner, H. Börner come to the Party Congress. Helmut Schmidt speaks, o-ton: "his high rank is due to our country first of all the performance and the creative will of its citizens, but it it owes even our successful understanding policy, our exceptionally high performance, our tightly linked network of social security, our policy of continuous reforms." Helmut Schmidt during the speech on a large monitor. H. Koschnick, close. Marie Schlei, close. Herbert Wehner. Slapping delegates.

02. Buenos Aires: Portrait of race car driver Juan Manuel Fangio Juan Manuel Fangio receives the great cross of merit by the German Ambassador. Camera people. Archival footage from various auto races with Fangio among others Nürburgring 1954th NDW 393, NDW 236.

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Börner, Holger ; Brandt, Willy ; Friderichs, Hans ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Koschnik, Hans ; Schlei, Marie ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Stücklen, Richard ; Wehner, Herbert ; Fangio, Juan Manuel




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Honors ; Domestic events ; Elections ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 1046/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Election campaign of parties (I) with Kohl and Strauß camera: Luppa election campaign of parties (II) Friderichs, Brandt, Schmidt camera: Luppa Juan Manuel Fangio / racer at the beginning and end of total length

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