UFA-Dabei 1050/1976 07.09.1976


01 Berlin: 125 years of Berlin fire brigade firefighter rolls out fire hose. Berlin's most modern fire station from the outside. Office wing. Alarm. Firefighters rush to the team car. Cars are out. Old fire engines of 1851 with the team. On the Kurfürstendamm parade of old and new fire truck. Airport fire brigade in the airport Tegel. Demonstration of an airport fire, which may delete from a distance of 75 m. Fighting boats started system of fire on the river Havel. Frogmen of the fire to jump in the water. Bring a drowned on the boat. Life-saving exercises. First aid courses of fire fighters. Operations centre with modern telecommunications. Fire brigade cars with siren and blue light through the street. Fire in the ground floor of a tenement house from the Gründerzeit. Firefighters spray water in the fire. Residents go through the smoky staircase, supported by firefighters.

02. Germany: election campaign I. (SPD and CSU)
Big, close to tell young voters why she will choose CDU, FDP and SPD. "Factory" in Hamburg information evening the SPD with jazz band, Willy Brandt, Günter Grass. Günter Grass saith, o-ton: "I think that there are many who have worked in the voter initiatives in 1972 and who are disappointed in this area. And still there are again over 200 initiatives, which nevertheless continue to work in the Bundestag election campaign. I think it's the right way. One commemorating but then "Dare more democracy" - again what you can sue, also promise to Willy Brandt's value. This is for me, too. the reason to mention this here at this event also at the abuses associated with the adoption of the radicals " Willy Brandt talks, quote: "the so-called Radicals Decree has been not at all new, but has made an attempt to bring the practice in the countries of the Federal Republic of Germany on a common denominator beginning 1972. "This has failed - and it refers to my sentence: I'm wrong that this would - lead to more rule of law and therefore the Federal Government and the Socialist-run countries have agreed to consider this agreement of the Prime Minister for obsolete, so outdated." Franz-Josef Strauss in televised debate with voters. FDP election rally with "truck stop" and Ertl, Friderichs, Genscher. Genscher gives autographs on the footballs. Genscher speaks, o-ton: "we take the glove. We start then right, that the Federal Government gets finally transferred the competence for education policy. This is a Government task, therefore this competence belongs to the Federal Government. Here the CDU and SPD can show whether they are ready to create the conditions for the educational decisions of a modern industrial State." Young people. Maihofer, close. Orchestra conducted by Kurt Edelhagen. Helmut Kohl, Franz-Josef Strauss, audiences. Kohl speaks, o-ton: "if from now until 1985 of 1.2 million young people from schools get out of those birth strong vintages, and need training and university places and jobs, then, then it's a matter of solidarity of the entire nation. But this is not only a financial economic issue, which is also a spiritual challenge to all of us. I say us because it is time to admit and are to get that we all - we in the Union, at some points against the spirit of the times in the field of education and education policy not determined enough have gone before. It's time to banish some rubbish from the German education and education policy." Young listeners.
Franz-Josef Strauss, close. Biedenkopf, close. A teenager tells why he chooses CDU. An FDP voters and SPD-voters, quote: "I chose for the CDU, because just the commitment of Helmut Kohl for the youth in future me promises that I'll might be better done with problems such as youth unemployment and Numerus clausus, just after the disappointments of the SPD-FDP coalition." "The FDP promised to abolish these Numerus clausus after the Bundestag election in the major areas, and this is an existential question for me, and therefore I will choose free democratic party in the election." "I choose the Social Democrats therefore on October 3, because I am also of the opinion, that they will see in the context of the economy for more democracy, for more - for more employee participation and therefore I am in favour, to support the Social Democrats."

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Biedenkopf, Klaus ; Brandt, Willy ; Edelhagen, Kurt ; Ertl, Josef ; Friderichs, Hans ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Grass, Günter ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Maihofer, Werner




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Fire Brigade ; Elections ; Fire brigade ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 1050/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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125 years of Berlin fire origin: BNF campaign I (SPD and CSU) camera: Jürgens, Jürgens, Bennacef campaign II (FDP and CDU) camera: Luppa at the beginning and end of total length

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