UFA-Dabei 1052/1976 21.09.1976


01 Frankfurt: Frankfurt book fair Federal Minister Egon Bahr says, quote: "this is a continent in the third world at the heart of the Frankfurt book fair for the first time. We hope that Latin America, in the Federal Republic of Germany has something to say us with its literature, with his music, with its decisions on the own way in Europe, in the industrialized world. Maybe we will hear then, what can help us better to see our problems caused by excess mechanisation, Überorganisation, and to overcome. "We expect the contribution of Latin America to the one world to which we all belong, and we have the hope that this will be the voice of the humanity of the dignity of the individual, its compounds to the environment." Books from Brazil. Photos, paintings and art objects from Latin America. Minister Bahr makes a tour with pen Club President Llosa. Representations of folklore. Interested to scroll in the books. Stand: Argentina. Picture book-tapes. Marilyn Monroe photo. Children's books. Sales pitches.

02. Germany: Federal Railroad Gleisschnellumbauzug a man blowing a horn. Trains whizzing past the Working Group "Quick renewal train" in driving scenes. Old rails are lifted hydraulically, then a driving device harvested the old threshold. The automatic threshold crane puts them on pallets. Portal cranes transport them on special wagons, where they are loaded ships. Passing passenger train. Quick conversion at work. Track-removal train is the rear part of the front part and Gleisverlegezug. After adjusting and tightening the mounting screws. Night shots with the renewal train. Seemed large, close.

03. Germany: housing modernization law building, building. Aerial photos of new construction areas. Various new buildings. Historic district. Weekly market. House wall need of renovation. Old buildings with damage. Bundestag, total. The Federal Minister for regional planning, building and urban development Karl Ravens talks about the new law, o-ton: "the new law will for the future housing and urban construction policy of trend-setting importance be. It should help to provide the population with good and low-cost housing and significantly improve the quality of older residential areas. "The modernization law, the urban development promotion Act and the new Federal building law create better conditions for that citizens in our cities and communities more - and where it is necessary to once again feel can." Renovated old buildings. Old buildings with scaffolding. Old buildings to be modernized. Bath, bath afterwards. Kitchen first, plan later. Children's playground. A few considered showcase. Shops.

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Bahr, Egon ; Llosa ; Monroe, Marylin ; Ravens, Karl




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Railways ; Exhibitions ; construction ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 1052/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Frankfurt book fair camera: Jürgens, Rieck, Zakariah Bundesbahn Gleisschnellumbauzug camera: Jackson Wohnungsmodernisierungs law camera: Luppa, brighter at the beginning and end of total length

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