UFA-Dabei 1065/1976 21.12.1976


01 Bonn: The new Government and the Government statement the Chancellor election in the Bundestag. At the ballot box such as Franz Josef Strauss, Helmut Kohl and other members. Journalists and cameramen in the stands. Labor Minister Arendt side in conversation with Helmut Schmidt. Plexiglas ballot box is carried away. Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt in conversation with each other. Federal President of Karl Carstens, o-ton: "total number of issued voting cards: 495, number of voting 'Yes' denominated cards: 250." Thus the Deputy Schmidt is elected." Helmut Schmidt, o-ton: "Mr President, I suppose the choice." Well-wishers: H. Wehner, Willy Brandt, Helmut Kohl, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, W. Mak. Villa Hammerschmidt from the outside. Federal President presented certificates to Ministers: economic cooperation Marie Schlei. Family Minister Antje Huber. New labor Minister Herbert Ehrenberg. New Government on the stairs of the Villa Hammerschmidt: heads, close by: Helmut Schmidt, Maihofer, Apel, bird, Marie Schlei, Antje Huber, Hans-Dietrich Genscher. Bundestag from outside and inside. On the Government bench: Maihofer, bird, Apel, Helmut Schmidt, a short section from the Government statement, o-ton: "no doubt, it has a serious concern and a load of confidence in the social-liberal coalition in the Federal Government run. The reaction of many Member of the Bundestag, many citizens and public opinion was intense. So, we did not expect this rejection. I that open to admit, but I must add that a Government is not infallible. Only totalitarian governments of claim." Franz-Josef Strauss while the Government Declaration. Bundestag from the inside. Luppa (German newsreel) in the press gallery. Ludwig Erhard, Helmut Kohl. Swing through the Government Bank. Helmut Schmidt in his Government Declaration, original sound: "we want to secure further peace, by continuing our existing foreign policy, by continuing our policy of good neighbourliness and partnership. Secondly, we want to secure jobs and create new jobs through a forward-looking economic policy. Thirdly, we want to preserve social peace and our internal security through social equality and liberal rule of law. Fourthly we want to guarantee social security by strengthening our social safety net." First cabinet meeting including Maihofer, Herbert Ehrenberg, Huber, Genscher.

02. Germany: magnetic vehicles (see also DSP 267 and El Mundo 745/2) start preparations to test drive a magnetic float vehicle Comet. Label: "caution high voltage, danger to life". Push sled will accelerate the test vehicle with hot water rockets up on 401 km/h. test drive. Spectators are on the verge of the test track. "Transrapid 04" test vehicle. Indoor shots. Driver's cab with fittings. Ride on the test track. Side rails in the magnetic field technique "Prototype EET 1". Driving on the test track. Cab in indoor shots.

03. Germany: Hands, close play portrait of pianist Justus Frantz piano. Swing by bald snow tree tops to the tree-lined Avenue. Justus Frantz on a tree-lined walking. Gut Testorf in Schleswig-Holstein. Enters the Manor House. Elderly gentleman plays in the music room. Justus Frantz, listen. Justus Frantz at the piano playing as a soloist with Orchestra. Justus Frantz listens to music from the tape. Play at the piano in the music room. Photos along with Leonard Bernstein. Dachshund as a listener takes place during Justus Frantz. Go in the snow in the Manor Park.

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Apel, Hans ; Arendt, Walter ; Bernstein, Leonard ; Brandt, Willy ; Carstens, Karl ; Ehrenberg, Herbert ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Frantz, Justus ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Huber, Antje ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Maihofer, Werner ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Schlei, Marie ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Vogel, Joachim ; Wehner, Herbert


FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Bonn ; Schleswig-Holstein


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Dogs ; Domestic events ; Musical events ; Portraits ; Testing ; Dogs ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1065/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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The new Government and the Government statement camera: Luppa, fire, basic magnetic vehicle camera: Rau Justus Frantz, pianist camera: L.

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