UFA-Dabei 1082/1977 19.04.1977


01 Hockenheim: formula 2-EM empty Hockenheimring. Preparations on the cars before the race. Race teams at work. Driving test. Renault-Elf-racing team with the German designer Willy Kauhsen. A new rear spoiler is mounted. Experiments with the tyre pressure. Test drives. The race day. Racing cars are pushed to the launch site. The engineers put finishing touches to the engines. The racers get ready for action. Race cars on the starting position. Start. Viewers. Race pictures. Jochen mass on Yardley-March-BMW No. 2 Jochen mass with Cup.

02. Kiel: LNG carrier "Golar Freeze" liquefied gas tankers in the port (zoom). Men work on the five ball tanks of the vessel. Bridge with all conceivable modern equipment for navigation. Welding. Drilling. Work on the ball tank. Shooting through the propeller. Test drive on the sea.

03. lucky City: Buchdruckerei Augustin marketplace with church. Old houses. Several photographs in the book printing. Chinese composing room with almost 50000 characters. Foreign language manuscripts. Printer and typesetter at work. Printing machines.

04. Egypt: Papyrus Research Institute several boats on the Nile. Papyrus grass on the banks. Man cuts papyrus. Papyrus fibers in the water in the bathtub. Man demonstrates how papermaking was done at the time of the Pharaohs: the Papyrus bark is watered, rolled, cut into thin strips and in two layers one above the other so pressed, that the mark fibers run perpendicular to each other. Firmly bonded layers which can be dried and polished - any cut to due to the starch cell juice. In the Museum: religious texts, law books, recipe collections, political documents, historical essays, fragments of science, art and culture. Papyrus boat.

05. "30 years ago": retraining of craftsmen (WIF 99) Frankfurt: sign retraining to the carpentry trade. Training workshop. Men during the planing of window frames. Young people in the theoretical lessons. Men in the walls.

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Sachindex Wochenschauen ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1082/1977

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Formula 2 - EM/Hockenheim camera: Luppa liquid gas tanker camera: Rieck, Bennacef Buchdruckerei Augustin camera: Jürgens Papyrus Research Institute origin: Misr, newsreel before 30 years: retraining at the beginning and end of total length

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