Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 7/1950 14.03.1950


01 50th anniversary of death of Gottlieb Daimler Daimler's gravestone at cemetery. Stuttgart's Lord Mayor Dr. Klett opened a Memorial in the former workshop of Daimler. The 1st Daimler motor. Old Daimler when driving on the road.
(20 m) 02 Töging: removing aluminum plant of the disused factory. Assembly workers enter the work. Sirens are sounded. Workers hoist up flags in factories at half-mast. Workers in Bavaria in the sit-in as a protest against the dismantling.
(36 m) 03 keel: launching of 2 freighters of the Howaldt shipyard launched of the 2400 ton freighter Marianne of the Howaldt shipyard. Recording of the bugs.
(41 m) 4th Construction Minister Wildemuth construction site in NRW visit basement apartments in ruins. Barracks half under the ground. Chimney smoke from wreckage. Wildermuth visited construction sites for apartments in Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Oberhausen.
(22 m) 05. Hamburg: 100 years of art Hall Mayor Max Brauer at the lectern at celebration meeting. In the front row of the audience of Senator Landahl, Ms Pauli and land Commissioner Dr. Dunlop, total. Painting of the art educator Alfred Lichtwarck and his successor Gustav Pauli: Professor Heise, Director of the Kunsthalle. Treasures of art gallery: main altar of St. Petri, 1379, by master Bertram; "Nana" by Manet, "The Hülsenbeck children" by Philipp Otto Runge; "The woman with the rose' by Corot,"The boy with the Lantern"by Ferdinand Waldmüller"Three women in the Church"by Leibel,"The Lautenschlägerin"of Blackbirds Feuerbach.
(47 m) 6th Mühlacker: radio station of southern broadcasting part settings of 273 m high mast. Cameraman can carry himself to the top of the Tower tank. Technicians at work.
(52 m) 07. Hamburg: TV set of the NDR in bunkers on the Heiligengeistfeld television aerials on bunker. Image pickup. Film is inserted, picture appears on the TV screen.

08 baby cradle baby's bed and screams. Mother lying in bed and asleep. It is mechanics under the cot on the move, which raises serious movement with the push of a button. Baby falls asleep.
(24 m) 09 steel hands of dealing with radioactive steel Greifhände are drawn away. Light of match and ignite from cigarette with the hooks.
(19 m) 10 Munich: Salvator Bräu Xaver Brumml, on beer barrel riding and soak the Schäffler into beer tent. Barrel is pierced. Pouring beer. Singing and German drinking songs.
(36 m) 11 Florida: swimwear models demonstrate swimsuits, one-piece and two-piece. Swim mannequins. Recording behind the Aquarium between fish.
(24 m) 12 Japanese wooden rafters rafters on long rafts in whitewater with dangerous swirls.
(22 m) 13 Barcelona: the police day parade of the police through the city. Mass demonstration on the square. Mounted police in historical uniforms riding quadrille.
(29 m)

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Brauer, Max ; Brumml, Xaver ; Daimler, Gottfried ; Dunlop ; Heise ; Klett ; Lichtwarck, Alfred ; Pauli, Gustav ; Wildermuth, Eberhard


NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA ; Mühlacker ; Töging ; Japan ; Munich ; Stuttgart ; Hamburg ; Florida ; Barcelona ; Kiel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Dismantling ; Children ; Forestry ; Police ; Reviews ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; festivals ; Compensation ; Fashion ; Construction ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 7/1950

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Daimler camera: fire disassembly Töging camera: Gerzer launched two freighter camera: Juppe Wildermuth in Bonn camera: basic 100 years Kunsthalle Hamburg camera: Juppe Mühlacker and television camera: Juppe, Epkens wonder nurse Atomsichere hands origin: Metro Salvator camera: Gallardo swimwear Japan Wood rafters origin: Gaumont Barcelona riding final brand

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