Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 11/1950 11.04.1950


01 Lübeck: Restoration of the art treasures of the Cathedral the Holsten Gate. Medieval figures of the Lübeck Cathedral.
(33 m) 2nd Rome: Pope Pius XII granted the blessing of the Easter mass of believers on St. Peter's square. Pius XII granted the blessing on the balcony, total.
(24 m) 03 Oberammergau: preparation for the passion play carvers carve Festival badge for the passion play. The Festival badge upon completion. Toni Preisinger, Christ starring 1950, shows the badge team-mates.
(23 m) 04 Chiemgau: Georigritt farmers ride of Traunstein after Ettendorf. Decorated horses and carriages. Historical costumes. Priest consecrates riders and horses before Chapel.
(26 m) 5th timber rafting the Rembach Gorge climbers on the slope. The logs are promoted to Valley in raging mountain streams.
(32 m) 06 Warsaw: Marshal Rokossovsky is Secretary of the war Rokossovsky, ordensgeschmückt, half-close. The defenders of Stalingrad salute from troops as the new Polish Minister of war.
(13 m) 07. Buenos Aires: the rider day men on horseback in the streets of Buenos Aires. Gauchos drive horses and catch them with Lassos. Rodeo.
(33 m) 8th United States: Jersey Joe Walcott in the training Walcott forest run. Training battle with protective masks.
(24 m) 9 Hannover: stayers race cyclists behind the motorcycles in the race. Winner goes through the target of clapping. Winner with bouquet, half-close.
(35 m) 10 Vienna: Sandbahnrennen motorcycle riders on the track. Driving through curves. Winners will be congratulated. Racing sidecar machine. Winner receives wreath.
(29 m) 11 Hamburg: harness racing against Roman Chariots of the circus Williams Hans Frömming welcomes riders in Roman garb on chariots. Start of the race. The trotters quickly overtake the galloping horses of the Roman cart. Race the chariots on the railway in Farmsen.
(27 m)

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Pius XII. ; Preisinger, Anton ; Rokossowski ; Frömming, Hans ; Walcott, Jersey Joe


Lübeck ; Japan ; Oberammergau, Germany ; Warsaw ; Rome ; Chiemgau ; Buenos Aires ; Vienna ; United States ; Hanover ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Boxes ; Forestry ; motor sports ; cycling ; Religious events ; harness racing ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; Military events ; festivals ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 11/1950

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Lübecker DOM camera: Juppe Easter blessing in Rome camera: Schuller Oberammergau camera: Gallardo Georgi Rahman in the Chiemgau camera: Gallardo wooden Trift Gorge i.d.Rembach camera: basic Rokossovsky in Warsaw origin: Gaumont Argentina origin: Emelco Walcott in the origin of the training: Metro stayers race camera: Juppe motorcycle race in Vienna origin: Austria Roman chariots camera: Stoll final brand

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