Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 13/1950 25.04.1950


01 young people fill out CV youth without apprenticeships. Federal Minister Stork speaks to the professional emergency of youth. Interview: "we are sure that something must be done for the transitional period for the young people in the Federal Government. "And that will happen as a result that we the statutory requirements establish that our young people for the transition period get a theoretical professional qualifications, which later enables them to find their jobs in our economic life with a shorter working hours and To find." Teenagers in typewriter room, sewing machine, ironing, in workshop at the hammers and files.
(46 m) 02 Marienburg Castle: art auction of Ernst August, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Marienburg Castle near Hildesheim. Duke Ernst August and Victoria Luise, half-close. Art objects, which must be auctioned due to payment of load balancing: 2 paintings from Vigée-Lebrun: Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Alexander Von Russia. "Peasant couple" by Pieter Breughel. Ornate old furniture. Porcelain 1730. chandelier of Meissen. The "Jerome Silber" a gift of Napoleon to his brother. Auctioneer at the auction.
(42 m) 03. Heidelberg: Windsheimer twelve messengers Riemenschneider altar discovered the Neckar bridge in Heidelberg. The late Gothic carved altar Tilman belt Schneider after restoration in settings.
(34 m) 04 Seville: Holy week procession with pictures of Saints through the city.
(25 m) 5th Stratford-on-Avon: visit on the anniversary of the birth of the English royal couple Shakespeare Shakespeare's birthplace: Fahnengeschmückte road. Wagon train moves. King George and Queen Elisabeth, Princess Margaret Rose visit Shakespeare's birthplace. Royal couple waving in downhill at car.
(28 m) 06. India: new year Festival of Hindus bathe in the Holy Juma River. Prayer stand in the water.
(21 m) 07. Morocco: Marrakech mounted guard Sultan visit. Sultan greets from cars.
(13 m) 08 Yokohama: baby show mothers with babies on the arm at a beauty contest. Japanese children's, faces, great. The most beautiful children.
(15 m) 9 Mönchengladbach: German tournament Championship 1950 spectators filling picture. Jakob Kiefer, Bad Kreuznach, turns on the pommel horse. Mayor Dr. Kolb as a spectator, half close, Adalbert Dan Hat turns on the horizontal bar. Jakob Kiefer turns on the parallel bars. Olympic black man, Dr. Kolb congratulate the winner Jakob Kiefer.
(48 m) 10 California: Auto Polo big ball is moved from small cars. Cars fall and over. Car drives ball on line.
(21 m) 11 Barcelona: international motorcycle race start. Motorcycles on the track. Fall. Ride through the target. The winner with flowers.
(31 m)

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Elizabeth von England ; Braunschweig-Lüneburg von, Ernst August ; Georg VI. von England ; Kolb ; Margaret von England ; Storch, Karl ; Viktoria Luise von Braunschweig ; Dickhut, Adalbert ; Kiefer, Jakob ; Schwarzmann, Alfred


Marienburg Castle ; Stratford-on-Avon ; Yokohama ; Heidelberg ; Allgäu ; Seville ; India ; Maroko ; Mönchengladbach ; Barcelona ; California ; Castle Marienberg ; Bonn ; Marienburg Castle


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; motor sports ; Polo ; Religious events ; beauty pageants ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Gymnastics ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; Jobs ; Unemployment, unemployment ; Auctions ; Buildings in Europe ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 13/1950

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Labor Federal Minister Stork camera: Stoll Riemenschneider altar camera: Stoll, Juppe art auction of the Duke v. Brunswick camera: Juppe Spanish procession origin: No. do Shakespeare's birthplace origin: Pathe News Indian Lunar origin: Pathe news Sultan of Morocco in Marrakech origin: Emelco Japan Children in Yokohama origin: Metro Turner Cup camera: Basic, Juppe car Polo origin: Metro motorcycle race in Barcelona end brand

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