Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 53/1951 30.01.1951


By Carnival and Carnival a. Düsseldorf: Carnival catchment of the Prince Carnival. Jupp Haridas. (16 m) Surrounded by Carnival ladies, back in short pants, with Shaker, speaks. Actuality: "so you take first a shot high spirits and a kiss, then a shot Ulk and a kiss, then a shot happiness..." (Hussels küßt Mädchen) and then a shot vine juice, shake then correctly, and the ladies in the Carnival, is exuberant Joie de vivre ". Be-BOP dancers on the dance floor. (13 m) John dance. (8 m) Actuality: "so the woman radio is finished. We come in around 2 minutes again with a lecture by doctor Knallkopp on the topic "Can you dance better with live coals in your pants?"
(19 m) b. Mardi Gras in Tirol iterating Schleicher. Masks in procession. Masks are uncovered.
(9 m) c. in Swabia Fasnet Mardi Gras Parade through town.
(10 m) d. Carnival in Cologne Mayor leading the Prince Carnival in his Office a. The Prince's guard and the Funkenmariechen dance.(17 m) Be BOP dancers (11 m) song interview (18 m): "we again are all now in the party, my father is in the party, my mother is in the party, my brother is in the party, my sister is in the party, we again are all now in the party!"
(11 m) e. Carnival in Munich Atelier Festival in Schwabing. Veil dancer dancing snake dance.
(20 m) f. Carnival in Mainz ceremonial session of Karnevalsgesellschaft (6 m) g. Children Carnival in Aachen children's faces, great. Small chimney sweep. Children singing and swaying. Monkey make-up before mirror. (6 m)
(16 m) h. Li-la Lerchenfeld in Hamburg dense crowds on the dance floor. Kisses, great. Be-BOP dancers alternating with wild ring fighters cut. Raj Glawitsch with vergrämtem table face sitting. Jupp Hussels drunk sits at table and speaks interview (missing).
(20 m) i. Hamburg: Soccer TV Eimsbüttel - FC St. Pauli Jupp Haridas as a spectator. St. Pauli is attacking and score goal. Haridas waving hat, confetti trickles out. Haridas wants to run on the playing field and is held back. Ball is shot and flies Haridas's head. Haridas talking nice facial actuality: "That was The end".
(34 m)

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Glawitsch, Ruppert ; Hussels, Jupp


Cologne ; Munich ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; Musical events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 53/1951

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Düsseldorf camera: reason of Haridas to be bar - Bob origin: Pathé journal Raspa origin: see Munich Tyrol Swabia camera: Cook Cologne camera: basic Funkenmariechen camera: basic Glawitsch and be-Bob parties party - song camera: Stoll origin: Castle film Munich camera: Cook Mainz camera: reason Aachen - children carnival camera: basic apes story camera: Chef li-la Lerchenfeld camera: Stoll, tilting Würstchen scene origin: see li-la Lerchenfeld!

Football camera: tipping final brand

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