Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 88/1951 02.10.1951


1 Munich: fall fashion Schulze Varell mirror. Mirror image of a mannequin. Mannequin with flat Cap opens coat dress with pleated side plate. Mannequin introduces with costume slimmer waist and belt scarf over his shoulders, wadenlang. Dress with next Cape jacket front briefly, back longer. Wool dress with Cape, collar. Mannequin with cocktail costume costume jacket stripping, Brocade blouse. Tulle evening dress strapless. Silk evening dress with a pleated Cape. Dark strapless evening dress with tulle shawl.
(39 m) 2nd week of the book - NDW writer visited private Wolfenbüttel. Houses inscription lived here, wrote and composed Lessing 1777-tollhouse Library portal. Dr. Erhart Kästner faces rows of books and reading. Close-up of Dr. Erhart Kästner. His book: tent book by Tumilad. Kästner writes on a typewriter. Kurt Marek (pseudonym of C. W. Ceram) is sitting at table with pipe and writes. His book: Gods, graves and scholars. Thomas Mann enters the speaker's podium. Close-up. Listeners applaud. His book: The chosen one. Ernst von Salomon sits on Board of ship, peels potatoes and reads. Young man behind him takes up book and reads. The book: The questionnaire. Seriously Petsoldt sits in the Chair and reads and smokes cigarette with a cigarette holder. His book: Corporal Maiti.
(41 m) 03. London: King George VI. ill King George and Queen Elisabeth, half-close. People are facing Buckingham Palace. Cameras, flashlight apparatus are on the Earth. Princess Margaret going to interrupt their holidays in Scotland. Duke of Windsor, half close, to visit his brother's arrival. Newspaper page with the image of the King. Wake before Buckingham Palace. Car reverses with Queen Mother Mary. Report on the condition it King is unmounted on the grid of the Palace.
(21 m) 04. Munich: parade of animals people lead dogs in pageant. Shepherd dogs jump over gates. Guide dogs in the pageant. 2 Reh Pinscher walk on a leash. Pointed is driven in cars. Fox terrier on cars. White poodle and top family car. Woman with Cheetah in car. Bear leader bear (man in Bearskin) (20 m) 05. remote-controlled U.S. rocket Matador missile on launch pad. Launch. Missile flying trail of fire behind him. Jet plane observation flight the rocket.
(17 m) 06 Schwalbentransport the South packages with air holes. SCHWALBE picks holes in cardboard and looks out. SCHWALBE is fed with pipette. Birds in cages. I would like to inscription on carton after Africa and hot ursi. Bird cages are loaded into aircraft. Scandinavian Airlines propeller plane rolls on.
(21 m) 07. Berlin: Lieselotte KÖSTER and Jockel steel dance parody of "Father and son" dance performance on the Kurfürstendamm.
(23 m) 8 Berlin: police sports festival parade of policemen at the Olympic Stadium. Stands fully occupied with spectators, total. "The rifle above". Parade of police officers on motorcycles. Ernst Reuter on grandstand, total. Mass screening of floor exercises. Viewers with little daughter with braids, big. Occupation soldiers, French, English, Americans. Art riding on motorcycles. Gossip 2 boys. Ride through burning tires.
(27 m) 9 Berlin: powerboat racing on the Wannsee motor boats in races and cornering.
(19 m) 10 Düsseldorf: Motocross start of motorcycles. Drive over hill and Dale through meadows, fields and potholes. Young girl slapping, big.
(28 m)

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Elizabeth von England ; Georg VI. von England ; Kästner, Erhart ; Köster, Lieselotte ; Mann, Thomas ; Marek, Kurt ; Margaret von England ; Mary von England ; Petsold, Ernst ; Reuter, Ernst ; Salomon von, Ernst ; Stahl, Jockel ; Herzog von Windsor


Berlin ; Wolfenbüttel ; Cologne ; London ; Munich ; United States ; Düsseldorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Books ; cameramen, cameramen ; motor boat race ; motor sports ; News, communications ; Photographers ; Police ; Press, press conferences ; Rockets ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Disease ; Medicine ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Crew ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 88/1951

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand of fashion autumn camera: Cook week of the book King George ill Matador pageant of animal camera: Kang flyway camera: Cook father and son Police Sports Festival motorboat racing motor cross origin: Pathé journal end title

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