Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 108/1952 19.02.1952


01 England: Burial King George VI. lying in State in Westminster. People parade past the casket. Funeral procession in the streets of London. The coffin will be driven on Catafalque. The Royal carriage, behind it the closest male relatives. Dense on the edge of the street mourning trellis of the population. Unlocked with flag Windsor half-mast. Bagpipe players. The archbishops of Canterbury and York in front of the Cathedral. The coffin is carried into the Church. Farewell of the Navy, long pipes. Deeply veiled Queen Elizabeth and the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret to the tomb with Prince Philip.

02. Bonn: Felix von Eckardt as the head of the Federal Press Office the Federal press and information Office. Empty chair at desk. Shield will be sandwiched with inscription v. Eckardt. Felix eckardt sits at a desk, large and takes notes.

03. Liechtenstein: Smallest calculator of the world young woman sits down at the table and expects on small calculator that they get out of hand bag. She writes columns of numbers, they calculated with abacus Curta.

04 Gelsenkirchen: Hippo baby Sambo in Ruhr Zoo hippo in addition to Hippo baby. Hippo swim in water. Hippo baby drops in water and floats.

05. Florida: Fun diving diver in cheerful disguise on jumps. Belly Flop. Reverse copying up to the springboard.

06. London: film ball dancing on the dance floor. Jupp Schmitz, large, drink champagne glass. Entry of the Prince guard. To Zarah Leander, George Jakobi, Marikka Rökk, Jupp Hussels clap it. Felich Eckardt and wife. Carnival and the Funkenmariechen distribute orders and kisses to Zarah Leander, Bruni Löbel, Jupp Hussels and Willi Fritsch Prince. Sonja Ziemann in addition to Willy Birgel, drinking champagne glass. Bruni Löbel with small boys of the Carnival guard on the arm. Release date for the German drinking songs.

Oslo: VI. 07. Winter Olympics Opening feed of the teams with cautious steps on the smooth ice of the Bislett Stadium. The team from Greece, United States, and Germany. Princess Ragnhild of Norway holds the opening speech. Raising of the Olympic flag. The Olympic flame is lit. The Norwegian skier Torbjörn FA Abdullah speaks the Olympic Oath. Flag-bearers lower the flags.

Giant slalom of men's Toni Spieß / Austria on the route. He is 3 and wins bronze. Christl Pravda / Austria runs 2 seconds faster and WINS silver. Stein Eriksen / Norway at the start and run. Ride through the target. Stein Eriksen wins 1st gold medal for Norway. Congratulations to Stein Eriksen.

Giant slalom of women's start and run by Andrea Mead / United States. You win a gold medal. At the start of MIRL Buchner / Germany. Barrel. She wins bronze. Start and run by Dagmar Rom / Austria, winner of the silver medal. The winners Andrea Mead, Mirl Buchner and Dagmar Rom compliment each other.

Downhill of men's Otmar Schneider / Austria, at the race. He won the silver medal. Start and run by Zeno Colo / Italy. Ride through the target. Zeno Colo wins the gold medal. Zeno Colò after the run, half-close, and Otmar Schneider, half-close.

Two Bob of the Bob Switzerland I at the start and ride on the bobsleigh track. Start I, Germany II and Germany I Ostler / Nieboer of United States. Ride through the curves of the track. Spectators are on the verge of the bobsled run. Gold Medal for Germany II embrace Ostler and Nieboer. Silver Medal for the United States, wins bronze medal Switzerland I.

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Benham, Stan; Buchner Fischer, Annemarie; Birgel, Willi; Eckardt von, Felix; Elizabeth von England; Elisabeth II. von England; Fritsch, Willi; Georg VI. von England; Hussels, Jupp; Jacobi, Georg; Leander, Zarah; Löbel, Bruni; Margaret von England; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug; Ragnhild von Norwegen; Rökk, Marikka; Schmitz, Jupp; Ziemann, Sonja; Colo, Zeno; Eriksen, Stein; Falkanger, Torbjörn; Feierabend, Fritz; Mead, Andrea; Nieberl, Lorenz; Ostler, Anderl; Pravda, Christl; Rom, Dagmar; Spiess, Ernst Toni; Schneider, Otmar


England; Düsseldorf; Florida; Liechtenstein; Bonn; Gelsenkirchen; Oslo; Windsor


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Bobsleigh; Domestic events; Carnival; Carnival; Olympic Games 1952; Joke; Swimming; Ski, skiing, ski jumping; Skibike; sports audience, sports spectator; sports facilities; sporting events; Dance; Technology; Animals (except dogs); Deaths, funerals; diving; Social events; Zoo, Wildlife Park; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Technology; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 108/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Title brand England mourns origin: Pathe news inauguration of Eckardt camera: basic smallest abacus camera: Luppa Nagarjuna baby camera: basic American diving origin: Metro movie ball in Düsseldorf camera: basic football: Berlin - Vienna camera: Obeng Oslo: opening origin: Oslo women men slalom - downhill origin: Oslo rode final brand

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Patent of the Mechanical Calculator „CURTA“ turns 80 (April 13, 1939)

„What the watch is among the chronometers, the compact camera among cameras, that’s CURTA among mechanical calculators: a full-featured precision instrument for all four types of calculation, portable anywhere“, this is how the manufacturer promoted the smallest, mass-produced mechanical calculator in the world.

Affectionately nicknamed “pepper grinder”—due to its cylindrical shape and the crank—the calculator measures only a few centimetre and only weighs 230 g, making it extremely convenient. In addition to basic calculating operations it can also square, cube and extract a root.

The calculator derived its name from its inventor Curt Herzstark, who conceives the revolutionary pocket sized calculator beginning in the late 1920s in his father’s calculator factory in Vienna. Up until then calculators used to weigh several kilograms and could only be used stationary. In April of 1939 he finally registers the patent, which would be the basis fort he later CURTA.

After the Nazis’ power takeover the Austrian „half-Jew“ Curt Herzstark is initially not allowed to continue his work. He gets arrested in 1943 and of all places it is in the concentration camp Buchenwald where he has the chance to advance his promising invention—as a present for the “Fuehrer” and with the prospect of getting “Aryanised”. After the end of the war he finally gets an offer from Liechtenstein to launch the CURTA. More than 140,000 pieces are manufactured in the specially built factory. Production discontinues in the 1970s, when the first electronic calculators hit the market.

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