Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 111/1952 11.03.1952


1 Frankfurt: International spring fair Mayor Kolb at tour of the fairgrounds. Greek Pavilion. Pavilion of the Switzerland, Iran, Austria, Italy. International flags. There is a lot of visitors at the exhibition. Range of shoes. Tilting sofa and furniture. Jackhammer Street. VW moves cant level up for floor care. Stop Winker, illuminated as protection for parked trucks. Elektronium-accordion.

02. portrait: Human seen: Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, and President of the Federal Council Hinrich head with gun during a walk through the Woods in the hunt. Head rises on high chair. Rauhaardackel. Head shoots. Hinrich Kopf in a Heath Kate playing Skat actuality.

03. Tübingen: Death by Federal Minister Eberhard Wilermuth (FDP) Wildermuth before urban development model, half-close.

04. Bonn: Heuss honors Olympic Heuss, Minister of the Interior Dr. teaching Knight To give hand hold. The Olympic champion. Heuss gives Anderl Ostler the silver Laurel leaf. Silver bay leaf, big. Presentation on Ria Falk, Paul Falk, Mirl Buchner, OSSI Reichert, Toni Brutscher. Certificate of commendation, great.

05. United States: Truman dedicates a Truman at the lectern broadcasting ship. The broadcasting ship. Indoor shots. Senderäume. Antennas.

06. Holland: horse show horse stallions are presented. Horse head, large. Winning horse Wilfried. Thick horse back filling with coupiertem cock, image.

07. United States: Bulletproof vest for soldiers soldier blasts bulletproof vest. Woodcut with vest is bombarded. Bullets bounce off. No bullet holes in the world.

08 Canada: wolf hunting men ride in special vehicles through snow and shoot at fleeing wolves. Perniciously Wolf. Captive Wolf.

09th Braunschweig: Trial against the former major-general Remer (incidents to the 20 July 1944) writing on building higher regional court. Date posted. Cameramen in the courtroom. Remer in the dock. Alexander von Hase, son of general executed by Hitler, with the image of his father, big. Remer in conversation with his lawyer. Sign on the door closed trapping ways.

10 United States: horse racing Santa Anita handicap start. Horses Gallop on soaked ground. Viewers filling picture. The final battle between the two horses intent and Miche. Intent goes first through the goal, but then is disqualified for rule violation.

11 England: Football Newcastle-Portsmouth 4-2 Portsmouth attack and shoots goal 1-0. As field marshal Montgomery, half-close. Newcastle shoots the compensation 1: return 1 close-up Montgomery, side. Newcastle shoots 2:1 spectators cheering. Storm of Newcastle, play and shot against the post. Portsmouth shoots compensation 2:2. beckoning viewers. Portsmouth in the attack. Defender strikes back on the goal line ball in the box. 30 m shot 3:2 for Newcastle. Shortly before the end of the game 4:2 for Newcastle in a solo effort by players. Players embrace.

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Brutscher, Toni ; Buchner Fischer, Annemarie ; Ritter von Halt, Karl ; Hase von, Alexander ; Heuss, Theodor ; Kolb ; Kopf, Hinrich ; Lehr ; Montgomery, Bernhard ; Remer ; Truman, Harry ; Wildermuth, Eberhard ; Falk, Ria ; Nieberl, Lorenz ; Ostler, Anderl ; Reichert, Ossi


Frankfurt ; Dortmund ; Bonn ; Canada ; Braunschweig ; United States ; Tübingen ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Honors ; Hunting, Hunter ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Football ; Photographers ; Portraits ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Furniture ; Crime ; Weapons ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 111/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Frankfurt spring fair camera: strong human seen: Hinrich Kopf Wildermuth + origin: Archive domestic Heuss honored Olympic camera: strong new send ship origin: Tele News Stallion show in Zealand origin: Polygoon bulletproof vest origin: Metro wolf hunting origin: Metro Remer process camera: Stoll Santa Anita race origin: Metro soccer: Newcastle Portsmouth origin: Pathe news end brand

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