Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 117/1952 22.04.1952


01 1 May 1952 crowd filling image (title underground). Pan rally on 1 may in Berlin before the burned-out ruins of the Reichstag building Christian fats talks about actuality (Studio): "for 62 years the workers in the wide world commit on 1 may the world holiday of work. In Germany, the 1st of May was now public holiday las treated. On this day, the wheels stand still. A look back at the history it may 1 in the different countries of Europe is a vivid expression of the modern history of the labor movement at the same time." Review of 1st of may: may parade of banners. May move to France. May procession and folk dances in Russia. Various may processions in East and West. 1932 – The May riots in Brussels. Military parade in Moscow on red square on May 1. Soldiers parading with precipitated bayonet. Horses. Tank. May rally in Berlin. People clap. Fireworks.

02. United States: Flooding in Nebraska / Arkansas Truman flies in aircraft over the disaster area. Aerial view of the flooding. Flooded roads. Construction of dikes against the flight. People are recovered from homes. Car hood rises from the water.

03. Rome: Easter message of Pope Pius XII. crowd on St. Peter's square. On the balcony Pope Pius XII. blesses the crowd.

04. England: underwater camera underwater camera with headlights is lowered. Divers go into water. Search for the sunken submarine affray. Underwater camera recorded on screen over water. Divers at the salvage operations under water.

05. United States: New armored M 47 M 47 chatting in a row. Panter rotating on the spot. With gun, turret circling rotates around its own axis.

06. England: Jet passenger aircraft Comet part settings of the aircraft before the start. Gear train. Plane taking off. Pilot in the cockpit. Flight attendant serving food. Passengers at dinner. Clouds. Aerial view of Rome. Flying aircraft. The Victoria falls in Africa. Landing in Johannesburg (recording from the aircraft, lateral). View from cockpit to a Fiddler. Any Africans.

07. Rome: art jumping master Barber and mannequins with elaborate hairstyles with inlaid jewelry and hair pieces.

08 Florida: art jumping various art jumpers and Pat Mac Cormick art jumping.

09 France: Kayak slalom in the wild water a kayaker in whitewater in whirlpools and small waterfalls. One and two Canadians in the whitewater. Ride through the rapids.

10 Luxembourg: Soccer Luxembourg - Germany 0:3 game in pouring rain. Young couple under umbrella, large. Game scenes. Viewers with a rain hood. Luxembourg goalkeeper keeps flank. Coach Herberger, half-close. Zeitler Touchline, Stoll plant shoots 1-0. In the second half, zeitler strikes up to the 2:0 viewers with rain gear. Put 2 viewers with a rain jacket over his head. Shot at the goal post. Game in front of the German goal. Goalkeeper ADAM runs out door and holds the ball. Game in the penalty area before the Luxembourg goal. Play back and forth. Goalkeeper clears. Viewers shooting to. Game scenes in the German penalty area. Posipahl clears. Paul single-handedly aimed 3:0 disappointed viewers with handkerchief on the head shoots just before the end of the game.

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Opel, Adam; Fette, Christian; Pius XII.; Truman, Harry; Herberger, Sepp; Klodt, Berni; MacCormick, Pat; Posipal, Jupp; Stollenwerk; Zeitler


Berlin; United States; England; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY; Rome; Moskau; Brussels; Belgrade; Arkansas; Nebraska; Africa; Luxembourg; France; Florida


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Domestic events; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater; cameramen, cameramen; Disasters; Fireworks; aircraft; Football; Parades; Photographers; Religious events; Reviews; Shipping; Swimming; sports audience, sports spectator; Townscapes: Europe; Diving, diver; diving; Unrest; People; Weapons; Water; Foreign policy events; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Jobs; aerial photographs; Trade unions; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 117/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Title brand World Festival of work (CHR. fats z. 1.5.)
Camera: Basic origin: Pathé news, Pathé journal flood in United States origin: Metro holidays in Rome origin: SEDI underwater television origin: Tele News modern tank (Panzer) origin: Metro jet airliner origin: Tele News Mr. Clement doctored origin: SEDI springboard diving in Florida origin: Tele News kayak - slalom origin: Pathé journal football: Deutschl.-Luxembourg camera: strong, basic final brand

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100 Years of Observing May 1st as a Holiday (May 1, 1919)

Today countries all over the world observe May First as an official holiday (“Labour Day” or “International Workers Day”). It all goes back to events that occurred in the year 1886. Dozens of people were killed in Chicago while they were peacefully striking for the reduction of their 12-hour to an 8-hour work day. During the first congress of the Second International three years later it was decided to observe May 1 as a “day of struggle” to commemorate the Chicago victims from what became known as “Haymarket Riot” or “Haymarket Massacre”. Since then it has been celebrated with rallies all over the world. 

In the aftermath of the German November Revolution of 1918 the demand for an 8-hour day is finally fulfilled and May First is declared an official holiday for the very first time. The National Socialists co-opt the holiday for their own purpose as a “National Holiday of the German People”, and in the course of crushing the trade unions they strip the holiday off its labour aspect and instead present it as an allegedly Germanic tradition to welcome spring. 

Shortly before World War II comes to an end in Germany, Soviet forced labourers and allied soldiers celebrate liberation on May first. In the meantime, Stalin has invited American, British and French officers to attend the big May Day parade in Moscow. The Allied Control Council confirms it an official holiday one year later. In the Federal Republic of Germany “Labour Day” is mostly organized by the German Federation of Trade Unions and is a mix of political rallies and cultural festivities. In the German Democratic Republic, on the other hand, the holiday is turned into a government organized compulsory event, an occasion to proclaim the increase of productivity, and until the late 1970s May first always comes with a big military parade, following the example of their Soviet role model.

Today the struggle for social and political rights has become secondary. May First has taken on the character of a “Volksfest”—a fair for the people.


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