Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 132/1952 05.08.1952


01 Mehlem: Arrival of the new US High Commissioner Walter J. Donelly with diesel locomotive in station Mehlem train, from right to left. Station sign Mehlem, great. Donelly and wife get off and be welcomed. 15s greeting US. Mrs. Donelly receives flowers. Children Donelly shield car Allied High Commission with the character of England, France and the United States. Leaving the car.

02. Buenos Aires: Evita Peron Peron and Evita Peron's death surrounded by people. Evita Peron waving from car. Evita Peron visited the Pope. There is a sea of flowers at a lying in State in the Hall of the Ministry of labour. Square in front of the home crowd waits for and goes past the coffin.

03. King Faruk of Egypt in exile on Capri in the luxury yacht of Farouk. Images of the island of Capri. Villa of the King. Photographers. Faruk sitting next to fool Iman with son Fuad on the lap. Daughters are Faruk.

04. Japan: Rally for the release of the Japanese POWs Japanese at rally call for the release of prisoners of war. Little girl speaks at rally. Weeping women.

05. West Berlin: liberation of 3 students from pseudo-multimedia Zuchthaushaft faces of the three students, who sentenced to long prison sentences in Waldheim and Zwickau for distribution of handouts at the Leipzig fair for freedom and peace were after liberation by members of East German underground movement.

06. West Berlin: FDJ meeting young FDJ members in March in West Berlin. Policemen detain young people and bring them to trucks. Young girls threatened with his fist.

07. Salzgitter: fashion show at the Maschinenbau GmbH car factory gate drives before. Get off the mannequins. Mannequins climb up ladder and perform on high catwalk fashions. Long wide coats. People look up from roof window. Fashion show in the Group of workers in the factory yard. Coats, cocktail dress, strapless, evening coat and hat, particularly distasteful. Length almost to the ankle.

08. Nürburgring: car racing sports car: start. Race car on the track, size and total. In the Exchange, (No. 21) and Karl Kling (No. 24) on Mercedes lead Hermann lang. Cornering. Final fight in the 9th round. Hermann lang drives recently ahead of Karl Kling by the target. Federal Minister Seebohm kill Hermann lang large wreath and congratulated him. Formula II race car: Grand Prix of Germany. Start. Ascari Ferrari leads before Dr. Farina. Wheel car departs after curve. Ascari driving as the winner by the target with a lap of 132 km/h, before Dr. Farina.

09 Helsinki 1952 - XV. Olympic Games - 5th report 400 metres crawl men: swimmer in the final. Fighting between France and Konno, Boiteux / United States. Turn. Spectators, half-close. Boiteux strikes first. Man runs to the pool and jump in a suit in the water. Father Boiteux embraces big in the water after the victory, his son. Award ceremony with Boiteux and Konno. Springboard diving women: jump of champion Pat McCormick, United States, ZL. The ZL's silver medal win Moreau / France. The bronze medal winner Jensen / United States. ZL. Boxing flyweight: Edgar Basel / Germany, fighting in the final battle against the colored Americans of Brooks. Winner is Brooks on points. Basel win the silver medal. Award ceremony. 200 m Dolphin: Herbert Klein floats to the top. Shortly before the finish, Herbert Klein being overtaken by Davies, United States / Australia / Stassforth and wins the bronze medal. Award ceremony. Viewers filling picture. Horse riding - hunting jumping: aerial view of the Olympic Stadium of full of people. The Parcours d ' Oriola / France on Bambi, the gold-medal winning ride in a playoff with 0 errors. Christ / Chile win the silver medal. Fritz Thiedemann won the bronze medal on Meteor. Award ceremony. Closing ceremony: The flags of the Nations be taken into the stadium. Prince Philip and Prince Charles as a spectator, half-close. Siegfried Edström, Honorary President of the international of Olympic Committee speaks words of gratitude. The Olympic flame is extinguished. The Olympic flag is inserted and worn by Marines from the stadium. Standing spectators.

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Ascari, Alberto; Basel, Edgar; Boiteux; Brooks, Toni; Donnelly, Walter; Edström, Siegfried; Faruk von Ägypten; Fuad von Ägypten; Nagib; Narriman; Peron, Juan; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug; Seebohm; Christi; Davies, Dennis Russel; Farina; Jensen, Ole; Klein, Herbert; Kling, Karl; Konno, Ford; Lang, Hermann; MacCormick, Pat; Moreau; Oriola d', Jonqueres; Stassforth; Thiedemann, Fritz


Magin; West Berlin; Capri; Tokyo; Salzgitter; Buenos Aires; Nürburgring; Helsinki; Egypt; Argentina


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Boxes; DDR; Railways; Domestic events; Justice; cameramen, cameramen; Education, youth; motor sports; Olympic Games 1952; Photographers; Police; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness); Shipping; Swimming; Sports details, fouls; Spoprt-Ehrungen; sports audience, sports spectator; sports facilities; Deaths, funerals; diving; War, prisoners of war; Landscapes; Military; Crime; Foreign policy events; Fashion; Crew; Military; Sports honors; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 132/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Donelly in Mehlem camera: Essmann Evita Peron origin: Metro Faruk on Capri origin: SEDI Japan Prisoners of war are zurückgef.
Origin: Asahi news who had fled students origin: world in the film of FDJ in West Berlin camera: Obeng fashion show in Salzgitter camera: Luppa Nürburgrennen - Grand Prix: camera: Luppa, p, strong, Essmann Olympics report Helsinki No. 5 400 m KRAUEL springboard diving women boxing: Basel 200 m breaststroke hunting jumping closing ceremonies end brand

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100th Birthday of Eva "Evita" Perón (* May 7, 1919)

Many Argentineans still consider her a luminous figure-- Eva Perón, known all over the world as „Evita“. She manages the greatest social climb since Cinderella, as depicted in the eponymous musical by Andrew Llyod Webber and Tim Rice. Born in the Argentinean countryside in 1919 as one of five illegitimate children Eva María Ibarguren (her civilian name) grows up in poverty.  

When she is a teenager she leaves for Buenos Aires and begins to work as a photo model, actress and radio host—her clear-as-a-bell voice is known all over Argentina. When she attends a charity event the 24-year old meets Colonel Juan Perón, twice her age and minister of the ruling military junta. They get married soon after.

In 1946 Eva’s husband successfully runs for the office of president. He sympathizes with ideas steeped in fascism and National Socialism. He is looking for a third way for Argentina, one that lies somewhere between communism and capitalism. In addition to being her husband’s most fervent proponent, Eva Perón has more than enough drive to support the poor and to politically empower women.   

She is an advocate for women’s suffrage, founds the „Partido Peronista Femenino“ (Peronist Women’s Party) and initiates the charity organization „Fundación Eva Perón“. While the poor adore and admire  “Evita” for her commitment and her career, her background, her meddling and her unorthodox behaviour evoke the distrust of the upper class. In order to sweep any reservations against “Peronism” out of the way the First Lady goes on the so-called rainbow tour in Europe in 1947. She meets—among others— Generalísimo Franco and Pope Pius XII. When Juan Perón begins his second term of office in 1951 Evita is nominated as his vice president, but pressure from the military and health problems make her withdraw her candidacy. A few months later she dies of cancer, aged just 33. Even today she is known by her honorary title „Spiritual Leader of the Nation“.

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