Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 170/1953 26.04.1953


01-technical exhibition in Hannover exhibition grounds. Waving flags. Economics Minister Erhard by exhibition walking. News: bicycle Dynamo at the wheel hub. Wheel turns. Young woman flips up folding table with seats. The Europe's largest gyratory smashed 1000t limestone in the hour. Presentation of a case belt as a safety precaution when working in dangerous locations. Man starts on Demag container. Firefighters spread jump mat. Man jumps. Jump is intercepted by case belt. Man sitting in case belt. People clap.
(36 m) 2 Hamburg: opening of the horticultural exhibition sculptures in the Alster Park on the banks of Harvestehude. Tiger by Philip Hart. The river of Aristide Maillol. Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin. The fallen by Wilhelm Lehmbruck. Dormant man Kurt Lehmann. Sea Lions by Hans Ruwoldt. Double figure of Henry Moore. The car of Alberto Giacometti. Phoenix by Ewald Mararé. Ozeanide by Henri Lauren. Rhythm In the space of Max Bill. Flora by Hermann Haller. Little girl goes with watering between Tulip beds. Two swans, great on the Alster. The water organ in planned and Bale.
(43 m) 03. Korea: Exchange of prisoners of war wounded North Korean prisoners of war on crutches immediately abandon ship. Wounded US soldier is carried on stretcher. Evacuation of seriously ill patients with helicopters. Tokyo carried injured by aircraft to the Army Hospital.
(20 m) 04 Dardanelles: sinking of the Turkish submarine Dunjupinar the bow of the Swedish freighter Naboland, who clashed with Turkish submarine. Damage. Injured sailors of the vessel in the hospital. Rescue teams at the scene. Communication breaks down with the sunken submarine. Divers in action. Turkish naval units at funeral for drowned seamen. Wreath thrown on the site of the accident in the sea.
(23 m) 05. City washing in Oettingen the jammed city moat is passed through the streets of Oettingen. People scrubbing the pavement. Boy cums with water buckets. Women clean window.
(18 m) 6th Dießen / Ammersee: suit against electromagnetic waves 2 young women wear with metal threads-soaked suit to protect against electromagnetic waves from the atmosphere. Laundry is raised on leashes to catch a radioactive precipitation. Young woman attracts protection Pajama, inverts the mask over his face, lies down on the bed and covers gloves.
(28 m) 07. Berlin: 7 year old Rollschuhläuferin little girl runs on roller skating rink. Pair skating with the teacher.
(18 m) 8th Würzburg: German championship in the featherweight: Rude Langer / Berlin are defeated European champion Heinz Neuhaus points In the boxing ring Karl Pinsdorf / Cologne after, ex world champion Max Schmeling and world champion Sandy SADDLER / United States, presented. Shock change of Boxer. As viewers Heinz Neuhaus, is great. Max Schmeling serves as a referee. Pinsdorf must accept hit after hit. Langer slips, falls down, gets up but right back. Rudi Langer boxes superior and won on points. Rudi Langer with Garland next to Max Schmeling and Karl Pinsdorf.
(29 m) 09 Augsburg: handball Germany - Austria 32:16 Germany storms. Goal throw Germany. Audience clapping, half-close. German goalkeeper keeps ball. Ball delivery from the gate. Goal throw Germany. Austria stormed and loses the ball. Goal throw Germany. Audience clapping. Austria raises gate. Austria's goalkeeper holds. Goal throw Austria. Man with Hat-slapping noise, great. German goalkeeper holds 13 m throw. German gate litters. Clapping audience, great.
(45 m)

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Erhard, Ludwig ; Langer, Rudi ; Neuhaus, Heinz ; Pinsdorf, Karl ; Saddler, Sandy ; Schmeling, Max


Hanover ; Hamburg ; Dardanelles ; Korea ; Dießen/Ammersee ; Oettingen ; Augsburg ; Würzburg ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Handball ; Disasters ; Children ; Musical events ; Skating ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Korea war ; Disease ; War, prisoners of war ; Art ; Works of art ; Medicine ; festivals ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 170/1953

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand technical exhibition Hannover camera: Luppa Horticulture Exhibition camera: Stoll, Stoll POWs Exchange origin: Metro Turkish submarine city washing in Oettingen dropped camera: Cook discharge lamps - health Pajama camera: Cook 7-year-old skating star camera: Obeng boxes in the featherweight camera: strong, Koch International handball match Germany Austria camera: Starke, cooking end brand

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