Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 227/1954 01.06.1954


1 ceremony at the naval monument in Laboe the Memorial at Laboe, great. Waving flags. The former Navy tradition flag is flown. Marines with binoculars. The President of the Navy League Captain a.D. Otto Kretschmar takes over key to Memorial, which will be returned to Germany. Wreath-laying ceremony on the mast of tradition. Wreath loop containing our dead comrades, great. Vice Admiral (ret'd) Helmut Haye talks. Actuality: "today we took over again this Memorial after years of a new era, which has changed so much and threw so many terms overboard, in our care. And so it should also become a new symbol. Not only a permanent memorial, but also a memorial for all free peoples." Settings of the Memorial. Lifebuoy Scharnhorst. Waving flags of the Navy. Marines as a listener. Drum roll. German flag is at half-mast. Wreaths are worn in the Memorial.
(41 m) 2nd Rome: canonization of Pope Pius X. 500,000 worshippers on Saint Peter's square. On throne papst Pius XII. taken by lot. Bishops and Cardinal. Pius XII announced the canonization of Guiseppe Melchiore Sarto, the Pope Pius x., who died 40 years ago. After the ceremony, Pope Pius held on throne to the Vatican Palace. Woman sees through mirror about themselves, to see Pope.
(30 m) 03 Indochina: the Angel of Dien Bien Phu sister Geneviève de Galard wounded from Dien Bien Phu carried on stretchers. Helicopter lands. After release, the only woman, the wounded used sister Geneviève de Galard.
(23 m) 4th Aachen: the Charlemagne Prize to German Chancellor Dr. Adenauer close-ups of Karl winners Count Coudenhove Calergi and Jean Monnet. The Charlemagne Prize order, great. Adenauer is gossip set to order of listeners including James B. Conant and Prime Minister Arnold, great.
(23 m) 05. Cologne: National Party Congress of the CDU Adenauer on the lectern (no original sound - continuation of European unification policy). As a listener CDU politician including Gerhard Schröder, big. Listeners applaud.

06. Léopoldville: Ceremony of remembrance for the British Explorer Henry Morton Stanley on his 50th death anniversary at the monument of the researcher deposited flowers. People at ceremony standing. Negro soldiers. Memorial, great.
(15 m) 07. Stuttgart: Argentine Foreign and economy Ministers visit Mercedes Mercedes 190 SL rear engine. Argentine Minister continues in carriage tour through the factory.
(14 m) 08 France: speed record of German Lloyd motor works test race car driving on the circuit of Linas-Montlhéry of new Schnelligkeits-world record.
(9 m 09) Saarbrücken: chimney blasting detonators are attached to chimney. Demolition. Chimney falls into the desired direction. Dust cloud.
(11 m) 10. Classical Ballet of the Paris Opera dancing at the International Festival of the Parisian press dances the Opera Ballet in the castle of Compiègne.
(25 m) 11. Mühlheim: Final of the German Championship Uhlenhorst Mülheim - Brandenburg Berlin 4:2 advertising Coca Cola on gang. Mühlheim storms. Attack is repelled. Berlin storms. Playback. Danger before the Berliner Tor. Goalkeeper keeps. Standing spectators on the sidelines rooting for the players. Mühlheim shoots after good play this 1:0 spectators clap. After the Berlin attack is repelled. Shot on goal for Mühlheim. Result 4:2 spectators run on the course and embrace the players. The captain of the winning team receives presented flowers.
(32 m) 12th New Delhi: International Sandbahnrennen to the gold helmet of Germany start the 500 cc machines. Ride on soft sand with dust clouds. Cornering. Driver crashes. Winner Albin receives the gold helmet seal. It is gold helmet and wreath handed over. Sidecar 750 cc: dangerous crash in turn according to Carom. Motorcycle flies through the air. Fast-paced cornering. The winner Michael Krauser and Hans Peissl with wreath.
(36 m)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Arnold, Karl ; Conant, James B. ; Coudenhove-Calergi ; Galard de, Geneviève ; Haye, Helmut ; Kretzschmar, Otto ; Monnet, Jean ; Pius XII. ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Stanley, Henry Morton ; Krauser, Michael ; Peissl ; Siegl, Albin


Laboe ; Aachen ; Leopoldville ; Stuttgart ; France ; Indo-China ; Saarbrücken ; Paris ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Rome ; Herxheim ; Mühlheim


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Busts ; Monuments ; Honors ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Domestic events ; Flags ; motor sports ; Medals, awards, honors ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; Blasting ; Dance ; automotive engineering, automotive ; wreath stoppages ; Military events ; Hockey ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 227/1954

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: ceremony at the Memorial Laboe camera: Stoll, Luppa canonization origin: iNcom, Sedi Kurz exposed: Verwundetentransport Indochina origin: Pathé journal Karlspreis + CDU camera: Essmann, reason Stanley origin: Belgavox of Argentine Minister Mercedes camera: strong, p Lloyd record origin: Gaumont chimney Paris Ballet origin: Gaumont hockey dirt road camera: strong, p final

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