Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 295/1955 23.09.1955


01 Berlin: Crowd in the Olympic Stadium day of police. Police band playing. Spectators waving handkerchiefs. Invasion of the formations. Race: Crawling through the hose and somersault over Volkswagen. Flag waving. Waving flag and Berliner Bär. Motorcycle Olympics. Motorcycle jump through flames. Fireworks.
(40 m) 02. Paris: strike of Metro and bus employees demonstration moving for higher wages. Streets clogged with cars. Woman in a traffic jam knit in the car. Crossword puzzle rates at the wheel. Schumacher has boom at the Besohlen shoes.
(19 m) 03 Japan: bloody demonstration in Sunakawa due to land expropriation Japanese demonstrate against land expropriation for the construction of a US plane space. Police officers in use. Casualties are evacuated.
(18 m) 04. Moscow: State visit by Prime Minister Grotewohl and State Secretary Ulbricht planning: sovereignty of the East zone and setting up its own armed forces. Molotov welcomes Grotewohl and Ulbricht upon arrival at the airport. Officer of the 15s parades. Grotewohl and Molotov step out front of the stand. Grotewohl speaking, on the background of Cruschtschow. 15s marched off.
(16 m) 05. Düsseldorf: accident of the sailing plane Albert Falderbaum at the flying day of the Nations Falderbaum beckons people out of car. Will high towed glider. Demonstration in inverted flight just above the ground. Wing touched ground, Falderbaum pull up machine, spins, but then crashes. Plane bounces against jet aircraft. Ambulance drive off. Falderbaum is recovered from aircraft with serious injuries.
(25 m) 06. Munich: Otto Hahn - Prize for Professor Lise Meitner at the annual general meeting of the society of German chemists will be honored Lisa Meitner, Assistant of Otto Hahn, with the Otto Hahn Award. Otto Hahn congratulates Lise Meitner.
(13 m) 07. United States: car race of 10 small cars with engine on the track. Drivers come off from the car and drive into gang. Winners will be congratulated by a small girl.
(18 m) 08 Munich: Oktoberfest barrels are rolled. Piercing the kegs and drink from mugs. Get out of the Lukas. Carousel ride, Ferris wheel and roller coaster.
(19 m) 09 Linz: handball Austria Germany 9:20 goal throw Austria. Goalkeeper defense. Spectators close to the half and screen-filling. Dog runs over place. Superior match of the Germans in the 2nd half. German gate litters.
(30 m) 10 Hamburg: Middleweight boxing: Max Resch beat Francesco Francis / Spain, knockout blow. In the third round, Francis has already to ground. Resch applies fully in the fifth round. Francis goes to the floor. Referee counts. Francis stands up and boxes posted further, must once again to the ground, and is counted. Both boxers in the ring.
(26 m) 11 Hannover: Athletics international competition: Germany France defeated lead 122:89 high jumper, runners, pole vaulter with 33 points. 3000 m steeplechase: Starter is launching pad. Run Hesslmann and Müller for Germany. Beginning of the last lap. Müller hangs and falls. Hesslmann runs as a winner by the target. 110 m hurdles: kick-off. Stone and Scholtes run for Germany. Stone is located 50 metres clear in front and WINS in 14.3 sec. 4 x 400 m relay: as the starting runner Stracke against the French lose some metres. The 2nd Runner extended the lead. 3. runner, Leno brings the German squadron in leadership, which is then but but again lost. France have sprints the German fullback Blümmel.
(49 m)

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Blümmel; Chruschtschow, Nikita; Grotewohl, Otto; Hahn, Otto; Meitner, Lise; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw; Ulbricht, Walter; Dreher; Falderbaum, Albert; Francis, Francesco; Hesslmann; Müller, Ludwig; Resch, Max; Schottes; Steines, Bert; Stracke, Friedel


Japan; Munich; Berlin; Moskau; Düsseldorf; Paris; Hanover; Linz; Hamburg; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Boxes; Demonstrations; Handball; Disasters; Flags; Fireworks; motor sports; Medals, awards, honors; Political events; Police; Sports details, fouls; sports audience, sports spectator; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside); Strike, strike; automotive engineering, automotive; automotive industry; Athletics, jogging, fun run; People; Military; festivals; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Jobs; Military; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 295/1955

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Title: police Festival in Berlin camera: Pahl strike the Metro in Paris origin: Gaumont unrest in Japan origin: Metro Grotewohl in Moscow origin: DEFA Airshow i. Düsseldorf camera: basic Otto Hahn Prize for Prof. Lise Meitner camera: Hafner auto race of the 10-year (United States) origin: Metro Oktoberfest camera: Hafner sports: handball: Deutschld.-Austria camera: rice man boxes: Resch-Francis camera: Essmann Athletics: Deutschld.-France camera: Stoll, Essmann final

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50th Anniversary of Lise Meitner’s Death († October 27, 1968)

As a pioneer of new physics Lise Meitner makes major contributions to the discovery of the physical sensation of the early 20th century—nuclear fission. However, it would take a long time until the female Austrian scientist was recognized for her work.

Born in 1878, the daughter of an attorney already dreamed of studying mathematics and physics when she was a teenager. But it was only when women were allowed to enroll in the University of Vienna that was she finally able to begin her studies in her desired majors at the age of 23. She received her doctorate in physics in 1906. Being very interested in a new field of research—radioactivity—she decided to pursue further studies with Max Planck in Berlin. There she begins her congenial cooperation with the chemist Otto Hahn, which would last for more than three decades. In the ensuing years Hahn and Meitner make many discoveries, such as the radioactive recoil and a number of radioactive nuclides. In 1913 Meitner becomes the first female member of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute for Chemistry. Once women are allowed to have an academic career she habilitates in physics and in 1926 she becomes the first woman in Germany to assume a post as a professor in physics. When the Nazis take over power she is no longer allowed to teach due to her Jewish background. She is still able to continue her current experiments with Otto Hahn, which is bombarding uranium with neutrons. After the 1938 “Anschluß” of Austria the Nuremberg Laws also apply to Austrian citizens, and so Meitner flees to Sweden, where she is offered a position at the Nobel Institute.  She remains in touch with Otto Hahn and when he manages to break up uranium nuclei Meitner delivers the physical-theoretical explanation to support the experimental arrangement. The term “nuclear fission” is coined.

The publication of her groundbreaking results attracts a tremendous amount of interest, and even though Meitner had always been the leading head of the research duo, it is Hahn who is awarded the 1944 Nobel Prize for their joint discoveries. It will take years until Meitner is awarded for her scientific efforts, like the Otto-Hahn-Prize in 1955. Lise Meitner dies in 1968 in Cambridge in the UK.     

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