Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 312/1956 20.01.1956


01 Bad Kreuznach: diplomat hunt Hunter blowing on horns at the beginning of the hunt. By Brentano as the host of hunting with diplomats on the prowl. Hunter shoots. Dachshund in addition to hunted wild boar. Hunted deer and rabbits. Hunter blow the Halali.

02. Bonn: Dr. Wilhelm Haas, 1 Ambassador for Moscow the Foreign Ministry. Dr. Wilhelm Haas sits in his Office at the desk and signed mail. The current German Ambassador to Ankara will go first to Moscow German Ambassador.

03. Cologne: Party Congress of the SPD via input transparency: Congress 1956 - restructuring in Germany. At the lectern Erich Ollenhauer. As a listener Carlo Schmid, Karl Schiller and others

04. London: Language courses of the DGB the vocational training work of the DGB held at a former hotel in England language courses. In the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the DGB Georg Reuter passed the House by Ambassador Dr. Herwarth of his determination.

05. India: Visit by Vice Chancellor Blücher in India Blücher is welcomed on arrival. Visit with President Prasad. Conversations, great. Nehru is banquet for the German guests. Blücher at table. Wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb grinding of Gandhi's.

06. unrest in the Middle East use of the Arab Legion against coup attempt in Jordan after King Hussein wanted to join the Baghdad Pact. Anti-British demonstrations. King Hussein with the troops. British paratroopers get on plane for the flight to Cyprus to protect of British citizens in the Middle East. Launch of propeller aircraft.

07 General Valino unrest in Morocco the French General Dubois meets up with the High Commissioner of Spanish Morocco to meetings to tackle the growing resistance of the locals.

08th Bavaria: Raimond Peynet painted porcelain Peynet drawings in books. Raimond Peynet painted porcelain with his motives.

09 France: Vases falling from Board to fragments of sculptures made of broken porcelain. Italian forms from the fragments of masks and grotesque figures.

10 Berlin: Boxes for the European soccer championship in the middleweight division. Top Boxing: European champion Charles Humez WINS just above the German master Hans Stretz points violent shock Exchange with full commitment. Referee admonishes humez because of deep shock. An open slugfest. In the 8th round, Santana will hit hard and goes until 7 to ground. Referee counts. Santana continue fighting without fatigue. Narrow points victory after 10 rounds for Charles Humez. Audience clapping. Humez shaking hands with Santana.

11 Austria: Hahnenkamm ski race downhill women: runners at the start. The favored Austrians end down. 3 German runners under the first 4 run of the winners Sonja Sperl / Germany. Run through the goal. Sonja Sperl is signing autographs. Downhill men: dangerous crashes on the icy course. Anderl Molterer / Austria (10) will be 3. Bud Werner / United States achieved 2nd place. Victory run by Toni Sailer / Austria. Close-up of Toni Sailer.

12 Davos: German Speed Skating Championships in Germany, since no railway available, are held the Championships in Davos. Hans Keller WINS in 2.21,5 minutes and 5000 m in 8.28,9 minutes with German record over 1500 metres. Close-up of Hans Keller.

13 New York: chamfer jumping chamfer Springer jump over 15 and 16 barrels, partly in ZL. Jump in the barrel set into it. Winner with pretty girl.

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Blücher, Franz ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Dubois ; Haas, Wilhelm ; Herwarth von, Hans ; Hussein von Jordanien ; Meani, Angelo ; Nehru, Indira ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Peynet, Raimond ; Prasad, Rajandra ; Reuter, Georg ; Schiller, Karl ; Valino ; Humez, Charles ; Keller, Hans ; Molterer, Anderl ; Sailer, Toni ; Sperl, Sonja ; Stretz, Hans ; Werner, Bud


Bonn ; London ; Bad Kreuznach ; New Delhi ; Frankfurt ; France ; Cologne ; Malaya ; Morocco ; India ; Berlin ; Hahnenkamm ; Davos ; New York ; Austria ; Jordan ; Bavaria


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Ice skating, art running ; Hunting, Hunter ; Emblems ; barrel jumping ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Skijoring ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Unrest ; Buildings ; wreath stoppages ; hotspots ; Art ; Trade unions ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 312/1956

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: diplomat hunting in the Soonwald camera: Essmann Ambassador Haas camera: Essmann SPD Congress in Cologne camera: Stoll, reason, rabanus DGB school in England origin: Pathé news Blücher in India origin: Pathé news unrest in Middle East origin: Pathé news Raimond Peynet in Bavaria to visit camera: Rau porcelain sculpture origin: Pathé Journal sports: Boxing: Santana - humez camera: Pahl, Jansen Hahnenkamm ski race origin: Austria Eisschnell-run origin: Cine journal barrel jumping origin : Metro final

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