Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 349/1956 05.10.1956


01 Bonn: Berlin week Town Hall of Bonn. Posters "Berlin week". Brochures. Berliner Bär. Exhibition Berlin cartoonists. Cartoons by Nasser, Eden, Schäffer, Brentano, Erhard, Hilde Knef. Fashion: Screening of autumn fashion before the Federal Parliament. Mannequins show off fashions. Porters of House of smile appreciatively. Autumn costumes, coats, party dresses, furs, mannequins walk in long series.

02. Bonn: Meeting Adenauer - Mollet Adenauer and meet the French Prime Minister, Mollet to talk of the return of the Saar at the Palais Schaumburg. Close-up and handshake.

03. Hamburg: Federal Congress of the DGB on the lectern of Konrad Adenauer, the 2nd President of the DGB Georg Reuter, Carlo Schmid, Chairman of the coal and Steel Community René Mayer and Erich Ollenhauer. Spectators close to half.

04 Spandau: Dismissal of Dönitz prison gates and watchtowers of Spandau. Car with headlights from gate drives in the night. In a garden in Berlin face reporters Dönitz and wife, but not answer questions.

05. France: stunt pilot school wind blade. Biplane season. Inverted flight. Camera flies with and shows the Earth from above.

06. England: New military aircraft military aircraft passes Jolt line. Centurion tanks drive through water. Underwater Jeep driving. Soldier being aborted and runs behind the vehicle.

07. Basel: Rhino baby in the Zoo armored Rhino baby, tall, and with his mother. Little Rhino sets in straw.

08 Italy: The smallest painting of the world man wins by magnifying glass and microscope and paints pictures on needle heads. The enlarged images under the microscope.

09 Spain: Competition of the wood hacker March teams. Men chop up tree trunks to the bet. Audience clapping.

10 Rotterdam: Greyhound bitches in the starting gate. Start and race. Man turns the artificial hare. ZL jumps. Judges table. Black winner with hechelnder tongue and laurel wreath. Race of males and winner.

11 Dresden: Rudolf Harbig memory Sports Festival 100 m women: start, Maria Sander goes head to head with Gisela Köhler and almost wins out. Maria Sander close-up. 4 x 100 m relay: with unification cast fish, Stubnik, Köhler, Meyer runs the season with 45.1 sec world record. Viewers filling picture, gossip. Award ceremony.

12 Winterthur: handball change fight Switzerland - Germany 6:15 game to place large size doors. Viewers. German goalkeeper has 14 m litter. German assault and goalkeeper parade. Gate litters.

13 Stuttgart: art turn international match Germany - Switzerland the rings Robert Klein. Helmut Bantz turns on the parallel bars. Sepp Stalder / Switzerland WINS on the horizontal bar. In the individual competition Sepp Stalder before Helmut Bantz WINS, the Switzerland WINS just in the team competition.

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Bantz, Helmut ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Dönitz, Karl ; Eden, Anthony ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Knef, Hildegard ; Mayer, René ; Mollet, Guy ; Nasser, Gamal Abdel ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Reuter, Georg ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Storch, Karl ; Fisch, Erika ; Klein, Robert ; Köhler, Gisela ; Meyer, Bärbel ; Sander-Domagalla, Maria ; Stalder, Sepp ; Stubnik, Christa


Bonn ; France ; Hamburg ; Spandau ; Italy ; England ; Spain ; Rotterdam ; Winterthur ; Dresden ; Stuttgart ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; Cartoons ; Political events ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; Theatres ; Cultural events ; Art ; Curiosities ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Crime ; Weapons ; Competitions ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Trade unions ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 349/1956

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Bonn under the banner of the Berlin week camera: Essmann meeting: Adenauer-Mollet camera: powerful DGB Congress in Hamburg camera: Seib, Luppa Dönitz released camera: Pahl art fly in France origin: Eclair new military vehicles origin: Pathé news Rhinoceros origin born in the Zoo painting on pin heads: iNcom wood hacker contest in Spain origin: No.-do greyhound racing in Holland origin: Polygoon sports: gymnastics: Germany Switzerland camera: Rau, Hafner handball: Deutschld.-Switzerland Rudolf-Harbig Sportfest i. Dresden camera : P conclusion:

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