Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 393/1957 09.08.1957


1st Moscow: World Youth Festival opening ceremony. Catchment of the Japanese delegation to the stadium flag group, Africans, Asians, Arab Group, dance-like movement. Khrushchev in Gallery. Homing pigeons. Mass demonstrations. Dances. Set of images. Fonts are made. Peace. Neon sign on the red square.

02. United States: Eisenhower signed accession to the nuclear pool Eisenhower signed the accession of the United States to the International Atomic Energy Agency for peaceful use of nuclear energy in the East and West. Eisenhower then visited baseball game and waving upon arrival. Eisenhower as a spectator, large.

03. United States: 50 years launch U.S. air force jet fighter. McDonnel and Delta dagger, the most advanced fighter jet in the world. Thunderchief, the most powerful bomber of the world fueled 3 fighter jet in flight. Vintage aircraft, with the Frenchman Blerriot 1909 crossed the English channel. Delta dagger jet landing with parachute.

04. Mexico City: earthquake debris of houses. Fallen together high-rises. The Golden Angel of the statue of liberty on the ground broken. Search for wounded and dead in the wreckage.

05th Cairo: Parade on the 5th anniversary of the revolution military parade. Nasser decreases parade of the various military branches. Soldiers on motorcycles and in the air step.

06. Dresden: State visit Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh visited with works of old European Masters picture gallery in the Zwinger. Jubilation at a Vietnamese orphanage in Moritzburg. Ho Chi Minh speaks to the children. Children perform dance their homeland.

07. Rwanda: anniversary of King Mwami Mutara III. women bring gifts. Drummers. Ritual dances of the men.

08th Limburg / Holland: archers shoot archers international match Holland - Belgium on bills. Span of the arches and objectives. Hit the Bullseye and in addition. Different shooters. Holland WINS.

09th Nürburgring: Formula I race for the "Grand Prix of Germany" breakdown from UFA 54 / 7: home. It lead the Ferrari driver Mike Hawthorne, no. 8, and Collins, no. 7, before Fangio on Maserati. Car in curve. From round 3, Fangio is at the top and leads up to the 12th round, in which he must to the box. Tires his car be replaced. Departure from the box to the pursuit of the Ferrari drivers. With lap, Fangio is catching up and overhauled in the last round of Colling, and in the last round of Hawthorne. Fangio driving as the winner by the target and is carried on shoulders. Fangio with wreath. Kiss from his wife. shorter here: without launch preparations.

10 Florida: Hell drivers Autocrashfahrer Hamid drivers with daring stunts with cars. Driving over obstacles and roll-over.

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Chruschtschow, Nikita; Eisenhower, Dwight; Ho Chi Minh; Mwami Mutara III. von Ruanda; Nasser, Gamal Abdel; Collins, Peter; Fangio, Manuel; Hawthorn, Mike


United States; Dresden; Moskau; Rwanda; Mexico City; Cairo; Nürburgring; Limburg/Holland; Florida


Sachindex Wochenschauen; archery; DDR; Disasters; Education, youth; motor sports; Pacts; Parades; Political events; Spoprt-Ehrungen; sporting events; State visits (inside); Dance; Contracts; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Agreement; Atom; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Sports honors; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 393/1957

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: Communist world Festival Moscow origin: DEFA, DEFA IKE - Atom-pool signing origin: Metro IKE opens baseball season origin: Metro 50th anniversary of US - Airforce origin: Metro earthquake in Mexico origin: Metro 5 anniversary of the fall of Kö. Farouk origin: Misr Ho Chi Minh in Dresden origin: DEFA Regierungsjubil. d. of King v. Rwanda origin: Belgavox Bogenschützenländerk. Holland Belgium origin: Polygoon Nürburgring race camera: reason, Devil driver in Florida student origin: Metro final mark:

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50th Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s Death († September 2, 1969)

His struggle for Vietnam’s independence made Ho Chi Minh a father figure of his native country, a role model to anti-colonialist liberation fighters all over the world and an icon of the international student movement.

Ho Chi Minh was most likely born on May 19, 1890 as the son of a Confucian teacher. He witnesses the Vietnamese population’s cruel treatment by the French

Colonial authorities, which politicizes him early on. He decides to leave his country at the age of 21, as he wants to find out more about his occupier.

After World War I Woodrow Wilson’s proposes the right of self-determination of peoples. While in France, Ho Chi Minh attempts to claim this right for his home country. However, he fails and the French secret service categorizes him as a „terrorist“. Around the same time the young man starts reading Lenin and sympathizes with his idea of a worldwide communist uprising against the power of capital.

In 1923 Ho Chi Minh travels to Moscow, where he enrols at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East and co-writes a groundbreaking essay on guerrilla warfare. Seven years later he co-founds the Vietnamese Communist Party in Hong Kong, which would soon inspire the emergence of the KP Indochina. He establishes the pro-Communist Viet Minh independence movement during World War II to counter the Japanese invaders that had collaborated with the French colonialists. In 1945 he proclaims the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in Hanoi and participates in the Indochina War against France to fight for its recognition. When the country is partitioned and the Vietnam War begins Ho Chi Minh supports the like-minded Viet Cong in the South up until his death in 1969. However benevolently and modestly he looks in photographs, the man would not shy away from torture and mass executions for the sake of the “good cause.”

Shortly after the victory of the Communist North and the reunification of Vietnam the former capital of South Vietnam Saigon is renamed Ho-Chi-Minh-City in his honour. 

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