Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 399/1957 20.09.1957


1st victory of the CDU/CSU editors of Teleprinters and large phones. International spokesman. Brochures are distributed in subjects. Image rotation press Adenauer. Cameramen. Adenauer interview after his victory: "this election we hope domestic political importance be. We have a secure foundation, now for the next four years to continue the foreign policy so as before, i.e. with our full political and moral force supporting the policy, which has embarked on the NATO headed by the United States,." Ollenhauer actuality: "We are in the new Bundestag mainly our task see, to ensure, that in the Federal Republic of the fundamental rights of the Constitution and the principles of parliamentary democracy are protected and safeguarded, so that on this ground, the political battle over the best way for the unity of Germany, for the freedom of our people and for peace in the world cannot go on."

02. Bonn: Visit of the King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir Mohammed Zahir rising from the car in front of the Villa Hammerschmidt. Police officer greets big. Heuss alongside Zahir.

03. Belgrade: Gomulka at Tito Gomulka goes down stairs. Welcome from Tito with embrace. Welcome members of the Government. Stepping off the front of the stand. Ride through the city. Children waving flags.

04. Warsaw: air show of the air force jet fighter. MIG fighters. Bomber. Aerobatic flight. People look up. Contrails.

05. England: Collapse of 17 houses in hole Rails under water. Fallen together houses in foxhole. Inhabitants range window furnishings. Deep water hole. Houses torn up.

06. Baden Baden: rhumatismal treatment by King Ibn Saud's cityscape. Ibn Saud with bodyguards and Prince on arrival at Hotel Buhler height. Lavish food. Cars drive in front of House.

07. Cologne: Men's fashion Dressmen fashion show off. Single-breasted. Back and side vents to jackets. Coat with tie belt. Large audiences. Evening clothes. Black suit, white tie.

08 clever and forgetful: the nail dish works in workshop, sits on a crate in nail and jumps. Clever comes with gentlemen who visit the operation and explained how important it is to remove protruding nails, otherwise injury with blood poisoning could be the result. Maria goes to the emergency room. Ambulance considered injury to the Po.

09 Flensheide: sports fishing fishing contest. Attach the bait. Anglers on the banks. Fish hooked. Weighing the prey. Shoe is pulled out of the water.

10 Kiel: Athletics international match of the Germany England women spectators under umbrellas. 80 m hurdles: start and run. Quinton / England, WINS in 11.2 seconds. before Seonbuchner. Gossip boy on screen. 100 m run: start and run. Shortly before the finish, Brunhilde Hendrix is defeated by Weston. Winning time 11.7 sec. Long jump: Helga Hoffmann WINS with 5.87 m Javelin: Almuth Brömmel WINS with a new German record of 53,77 m. Germany WINS with 10 points advantage.

11 Hannover: Athletics international match of the Germany - England men shot put: Hermann Lingnau WINS with 17,19 m with a new German record. High jump: Theo Püll won with 1.96 m hammer throw: Ellis / England, WINS with 64,56 m. triple jump: Strauss WINS with 14.83 m 100 m race: start and run. Manfred Germar WINS with 10.3 seconds. Audience clapping. Close-up. 1500 m run: start and run. Ibbotson / England, favors, assumes the leadership Right away. The German Lawrenz burner looking for a good starting position in the 3rd round, take the lead and win. Winning time of burner 3: gossip 46,8. spectators filling picture. Burner and large Lawrenz. 4 x 100 m relay: run for Germany Pohl, Hary, fairy, Germar. Start. After the 2nd change curves specialist feeders runs out in the lead. Final Torchbearer Germar is the victory safe in 40.7 sec. Germany WINS with 27 points ahead.

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Brenner, Edmund ; Brömmel, Almut ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Gomulka, Wladyslaw ; Gross, Walter ; Heuss, Theodor ; Hussels, Jupp ; Mohammed Zahir Schah von Afghanistan ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Saud, Ibn ; Tito, Josip ; Zahir, Mohammed ; Ellis ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Germar, Manfred ; Hary, Armin ; Hendrix, Brunhilde ; Hoffmann, Helga ; Ibbotson, Derek ; Lawrenze, Olaf ; Lingnau, Herman ; Pohl, Gudrun ; Püll, Theo ; Quinton, Caroll ; Seonbuchner, Anneliese ; Strauß, Hermann ; Weston, Randy


East Africa ; Belgrade ; Warsaw ; Tokyo ; Bonn ; England ; Baden-Baden ; Cologne ; Geneva ; Austria ; Kiel ; Hanover


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Children ; Fishing ; fishing ; News, communications ; Photographers ; Political events ; Police ; sports audience, sports spectator ; State visits (inside) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Medicine ; Military ; Crime ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Elections ; Foreign policy events ; Dentistry ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Fisheries ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 399/1957

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: elections in 1957 Ollenhauer - Adenauer actuality camera: Stoll, Luppa Afghan. King at Prof. Heuß camera: Luppa Gomulka at Tito origin: Novosti flight show of Polish. Air force source: Polkronika houses collapse in Farnworth/Engld.
Origin: Pathe news King Saud, Spa in Baden-Baden camera: strong men fashion show in Cologne camera: basic "The nail" - clever and forgetful betting fish in Holstein camera: GA Athletics Engld.-Deutschld.
Camera: Seib, GA Kiel and Hanover camera: students, basic end brand

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