Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 420/1958 14.02.1958


01 Japanese lacquer painting Karl Stephan painter Karl Stephan in his atelier in Japanese lacquer painting. The special time method is similar to an inlay work. Far eastern painting.
(39 m) 02 United States: crash of a vanguard rocket rocket on the launch pad. Start. Because the rocket deviated from the prescribed railway, it was destroyed by remote pulse. The burning rocket crash.
(18 m) 03 Munich: aircraft disaster aircraft debris. Burning house. With players of the Manchester United Squad, British machine crashed shortly after takeoff. Survivors at the hospital Rechts der ISAR. Doctors at the hospital beds of seriously injured.
(21 m) 04 Japan: dust plague over industrial area the area near Yokohama under Ruß, woman wipes floor. Soot linen is washed. Dark clouds coming from the chimney. Screening in children.
(17 m) 05. India: State visit Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh in addition to Nehru in an open carriage ride through the city. Wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi. Ho Chi Minh carries a child on her arm and goes next to Nehru. Dances are performed. (Ho Chi Minh will win Nehru for his plan to conduct free elections in all of Viet Nam with the aim of the Association).
(11 m) 06. West India: visit of Princess Beatrix in Curacao Beatrix from car and balcony beckons people.
(13 m) 7th Holland: exotic music on oil barrels "the Golden Rock Stealband" play on former oil barrels as drums.
(21 m) 08 Flensburg: traffic offenders index index on large shelves, which entered traffic offences and kept. Spin on smooth road, taken from car. Accident beetle.
(16 m) 9 smart and forgetful: the attendant clever as a gas station attendant washes cars at gas station. Forgetful drunk talking to him and wants. Clever asks employees to drive dish home.
(38 m) 10. Berlin: Guest performance of the Spanish riding school in Vienna the Lipizzaner stallions dance her ballet of high school. The Capriole, the Levade, the Courbette.
(24 m) 11 Bad Gastein: skiing World Championship giant slalom men: Runner crashes. Bozon / France, crashes hard and must be admitted to hospital. Racing Toni Sailer. His sister, congratulated him on the victory. Interview with Toni Sailer in the hotel. Actuality: "beautiful fighting brought the World Ski Championships in Bad Gastein, and I am delighted that I could again be world champion despite strong competition. About my professional and athletic plans I can say unfortunately still nothing." Women's downhill: Jesta Schira / Italy crashes, after she drove the fastest time in the first run. Cry and comfort. Lucille Wheeler / Canada, WINS. Men's downhill: falls. Toni Sailer WINS and is also the winner of the combined. Bud Werner / United States crashes and goes on a ski through the target. People throng. As a spectator Vico Torriani with camera.
(47 m)

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Bozon, Charles; Beatrice von Holland; Gross, Walter; Ho Chi Minh; Hussels, Jupp; Nehru, Indira; Stephan, Karl; Torriani, Vico; Sailer, Toni; Schira, Jesta; Werner, Bud; Wheeler, Lucille


Munich; Yokohama; United States; Japan; India; Opladen; Holland; West India; Flensburg; Bad Gastein; Berlin; Curacao


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Industry; Disasters; Musical events; Rockets; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness); Satellite; Ski, skiing, ski jumping; Skibike; Skijoring; sports audience, sports spectator; Dance; Animals (except dogs); environmental protection, pollution; Accidents; Art; Medicine; Transport: General; veterinary medicine; space; Foreign policy events; Dentistry; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen; Industrial; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 420/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: lacquer painting camera: Rau crash of the vanguard rocket origin: Metro Munich plane crash camera: Hafner dust plague in Japan origin: Asahi news Ho Chi Minh visited Nehru origin: Asian Prince. Beatrix in West India origin: Polygoon music on oil barrels origin: road traffic offender cards camera: Seib "Traffic sinners" - clever and forgetful Lipizzaner parade in Berlin camera: Pahl interview Toni Sailer camera: Rau, Luppa Ski World Championships in Bad Gastein origin: Austria end title:

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50th Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s Death († September 2, 1969)

His struggle for Vietnam’s independence made Ho Chi Minh a father figure of his native country, a role model to anti-colonialist liberation fighters all over the world and an icon of the international student movement.

Ho Chi Minh was most likely born on May 19, 1890 as the son of a Confucian teacher. He witnesses the Vietnamese population’s cruel treatment by the French

Colonial authorities, which politicizes him early on. He decides to leave his country at the age of 21, as he wants to find out more about his occupier.

After World War I Woodrow Wilson’s proposes the right of self-determination of peoples. While in France, Ho Chi Minh attempts to claim this right for his home country. However, he fails and the French secret service categorizes him as a „terrorist“. Around the same time the young man starts reading Lenin and sympathizes with his idea of a worldwide communist uprising against the power of capital.

In 1923 Ho Chi Minh travels to Moscow, where he enrols at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East and co-writes a groundbreaking essay on guerrilla warfare. Seven years later he co-founds the Vietnamese Communist Party in Hong Kong, which would soon inspire the emergence of the KP Indochina. He establishes the pro-Communist Viet Minh independence movement during World War II to counter the Japanese invaders that had collaborated with the French colonialists. In 1945 he proclaims the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in Hanoi and participates in the Indochina War against France to fight for its recognition. When the country is partitioned and the Vietnam War begins Ho Chi Minh supports the like-minded Viet Cong in the South up until his death in 1969. However benevolently and modestly he looks in photographs, the man would not shy away from torture and mass executions for the sake of the “good cause.”

Shortly after the victory of the Communist North and the reunification of Vietnam the former capital of South Vietnam Saigon is renamed Ho-Chi-Minh-City in his honour. 

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