Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 428/1958 11.04.1958


01 Frankfurt: Return Economics Minister Erhard from the United States aircraft of the Lufthansa rolls out. Airport worker waving a plane. Propeller runs out great. Erhard comes down stairs and speaks actuality to the economic slowdown in the United States: "I come back with a wealth of new impressions and arguably important insights that tell me to that the German people need have no worry's spill over the American recession on us, because I am convinced of the healing process has already started in America."
(21 m) 02. Indonesia: civil war in the jungles of Sumatra paratroopers jump from aircraft and fight in the jungle against the rebels of the revolutionary Government to vital oil wells. Country boats. Rebels behind barbed wire.
(19 m) 03 North Africa: French Corps of camel riders in the Sahara desert French camel riders at the Libyan border. Camels lay down. Riders descend. Meeting with a nomadic tribe and welcome. French military doctors examine patients. Upgrade and further ride.
(21 m) 04. Italy: parade of former Bersaglieri in Palermo will meet former Bersaglieri and parading for her own run. Many spectators on the side of the road.
(12 m) 05. San Marino: a great parade of the population takes place change of Regent on the occasion of the change of Regent, which takes place 2 times a year. Flag is raised.
(19 m) 06. United States: William C. Handy, composer of "St. Louis Blues" + funeral procession runs through New York. Band playing the St. Louis Blues. Posthouse coffin is carried from church to car.
(17 m) 07. far Eastern religions, the Temple of Tay Ninh. Caodaisten celebrate the feast of the leading spirits. Ceremonies and meditation. Japanese Buddhists in ritual ceremonies. Torches are carried in temple as a sign of purity. People pick up the ashes of the torches.
(43 m) 08 animal stories a. France: man-animal lives in the forest man goes through forest. Deer accompany him confidential. Wild boars can be feed from him.

Munich: Tapierbaby in the Zoo Hellabrunn tapir baby, big with striped fur. Tapir baby is nursed by mother animal. Giraffes see fence. Penguins with boys. Monkey child rides on mother and hangs below her belly.
(13 m) 09 Hamburg: German badminton Championship finals men: Walter Stuch defeated Peter crisp. Spectators, great laugh. Audience clapping. Walter Stuch and Peter crisp, great. Final men's double: Dültgen Haidari defeat the defending champion Eschweiler Raina. Judge sees on the Chair back and forth. Clapping. Dültgen Haptke get Cup.
(38 m) 10 United States: bowling Championships bowlers Bowl on many cars side by side. Hits. All nine.
(15 m) 11 clever and forgetful: BB´s is long long produced clever meets father forgetful and this asks for his son, which e.g. ZT. a book writes about education titled "Cattle on the road". Father is nearly run over dish, as he wants to rush to the tram. He is by cleverly kept back. "Caution is especially true for the elderly", herd documented the horsepower of cars.
(33 m) 12 Australia: classic car racing and car crash classic car drive. Crashwagen go against each other and against obstacles. Drivers drop out.
(12 m)

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Erhard, Ludwig ; Gross, Walter ; Handy, William C. ; Hussels, Jupp ; Dültgen, Claus ; Eschweiler ; Hapke ; Knack, Peter ; Ropertz ; Stuch, Walter


San Marino ; Indonesia ; Frankfurt ; Italy ; United States ; North Africa ; Turin ; Munich ; Hamburg ; Australia


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 428/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: Return Prof. Erhard from United States camera: Luppa indon report. Civil war origin: Metro Franz. Camel riders Patr. in d. Sahara origin: Pathé journal Bersaglieri - anniversary - Palermo origin: iNcom parade in San Marino origin: iNcom mobile funeral (father of the blues) origin: Metro feast in the Temple of Caodaisten origin: Gaumont asceticism exercises; Buddhist origin: Asahi news of modern Robinson origins: Gaumont young animals in the Zoo camera: Rau in badminton-Meistersch. in Hamburg camera: Seib, student American Bowling Championships origin: Metro of car veterans origin: Cine sound "Grandpa dish" - clever and forgetful car racing origin: Pathé journal end title:

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