Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 429/1958 18.04.1958


01 Düsseldorf: Signing of the economic agreement and the Konsularvertrages Ambassador Lahr and Soviet representatives in Moscow interview with Ambassador Lahr to the German-Soviet economic agreement after 8-monatigen negotiations. Düsseldorf Airport. Lahr comes down stairs and is welcomed. Interview at the airport. Recorded interview: "we are now faced with the encouraging results that we can do something for our compatriots in the Soviet Union, that we have done something for our economy and have decided a Consulate agreement." I think that the whole thing will help to improve the future of german Soviet relations."
(25 m) 02. Madrid: Foreign Minister by Brentano, with Franco Von Brentano is received by Franco. Talks. Guard salutes while walking away from Brentano (signed agreement on the German assets seized in Spain in 1948).
(15 m) 03 Budapest: parade on 13. Anniversary of the Communist regime before Khrushchev and Kadar parade of the armed forces. Khrushchev on grandstand with Kadar. Took of all arms, guns, planes, tanks. Kádár speaks before 500,000 people. Khrushchev talks and calls for setting the nuclear weapons tests worldwide.
(40 m) 04 Switzerland: realistic exercise of civil defense siren wails. Fires. Recovered wounded and buried. Demolition of ruin.
(20 m) 05 Bonn: bombing in the Government District after bomb destruction in the House of the arts and crafts. People were not injured. Destruction in bathroom. Torn clothing wardrobe.
(15 m) 06. Brussels: kick-off for the world exhibition the Atomium. Window panes are cleaned. Cleaning ladies clean. Representatives of the international press are received before the official opening. Hostesses. Exhibition railway. Pavilions. Motto of the exhibition: balance sheet of the world for a more humane world. Balloon exhibition grounds.
(31 m) 07. Roads a. Canada: blowing up the ripple rock cliffs the shipping obstacle of Seymour waterway should be blown up. Demolition is placed. Blasting with high water fountain.
(24 m) b. Suriname: construction of a car are like trees in the jungle. Special machines to help the clearing of the forest. Broad Street in the forest. Construction machinery.
(27 m) c. London: Schliddern course for bus driver 2stöckige buses on the Schliddern route, revolve. Viewers get to the page (8 m) d. clever and forgetful: child's play child asks Maria for time. Maria wants to run across the street child and is nearly run over. Children identify key and lead him on pedestrian crossing across the street.
(25 m) 08 Berlin: billiards Championships amateur Championships. Players at the billiards table with shock. It wins Vervest / Belgium before Siegfried Spielmann / Germany and van hassel / Belgium. Audience clapping.
(22 m) 09. England: cyclists start international cycling road race on the Isle of Wight. Journey over roads and through villages. It wins SEGGER / England and receives a prize watch and kiss.
(15 m) 10 Japan: rugby international match Japan - New Zealand 12:33 prior to the game, run the New Zealanders before a war dance. Screen gossip viewers. Rugby scenes with clinging, fall push, racing and fighting.
(22 m)

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Brentano von, Heinrich ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Gross, Walter ; Kadar ; Kumikin ; Lahr ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Hassel van ; Segger ; Spielmann, Siegfreid ; Vervest ; Franco, Carmen


Budapest ; Brussels ; Bonn ; Suriname ; Düsseldorf ; London ; Switzerland ; Madrid ; Canada ; Moskau ; England ; Berlin ; Japan


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 429/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: Interview with Sonderbotsch. Lahr origin: DEFA in Moscow and Dusseldorf camera: reason v. Brentano b. Franco in Madrid, Luppa origin: No. do parade in Budapest origin: Hungarian air-raid exercise in the Switzerland origin: Cine journal attack in the Regiergs district of Bonn camera: Rau, strong Weltausstellg. Brussels camera: base, Seib, students blast. "Ripple Rock" origin: Metro car road Surinam origin: road driving lessons LOND. Bus and coach drivers origin: Polygoon "Pedestrian" clever and forgetful billiards Europe Meistersch. -in Berlin camera: Pahl cycling on the island Wright origin: Pathé news rugby international match Japan New Zealand origin: Asahi news end title:

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