Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 494/1959 17.07.1959


1st topic people shares of State-owned enterprises: shipyard operation Howaldt works in Hamburg and Kiel - launched. VW plant in Wolfsburg - building. VW Beetle on the Assembly line. Preussag - share - works the Preussag: zinc hut in Harlingerode - zinc plates. Coal mines of Ibbenbüren. Headframe. Briquette machine, Eierkohlen. Preussag - characters. Oil extraction by Gamper. Drilling rig.
(48 m 2) Bonn: Heinrich Lübke in German President Heuss breakdown from UFA 155/1 - shorter here: Villa Hammerschmidt (title underground). Mercedes reverses. Up police officer greets. Heinrich Lübke and Wihelmine Lübke enter Villa Hammerschmidt: Heuss besides Lübke on terrace. Group picture with Wilhelmine Lübke.
(8 m) 03 Geneva: continuation of the meeting of Foreign Ministers breakdown from UFA 155/2 – shorter here: Airport worker waving a plane. Jet aircraft of the US air force - military air transport service. Cinematographer. U.S. Secretary of State Christian Herter is welcomed. Journalists. Small propeller aircraft. Arrival of Selwyn Lloyd. Cameramen. Arrival of Andrei Gromyko. Couve de Murville, Prime Minister Pella, Italy: Cameraman turns bare-chested. Heinrich by Brentano and Lothar Bolz / DDR. Pre-Conference meeting of Western officials. Group picture Herter; Selwyn Lloyd; Couve de Murville, Pella; by Brentano.
(17 m) 4th Holland: State visit of King Baudoin of Belgium King Baudoin comes down stairs by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard is located. Stepping off the front of the stand. Ride in sechsspänniger horse-drawn carriage through the city. Waving at the crowd. Juliana, Baudoin and Bernard on balcony.
Siena (19 m) 05. Horse racing on the square flag swivel. Crowd. Horse riding to marketplace.
(14 m) 6th Bremerhaven: exit Bremen Bremen at the bridge. Cast off. Waving. Cooking beckons from a porthole. The Columbuskaje full of people. Ship at exit. Steam cloud over ship.
(20 m) 07. clown Grock and memories close-up "Nit possible". Appearance with small accordion and violin. Jump on the Chair. Conducted with violin stock. Laughing spectators and children, big.
(18 m) 8th Munich: garden party of the Bavaria chicken turn on the grill. On the table sits Joan of Koszian, big laughing. Arthur Brauner speaks with O. W. Fischer. Uschi meets glass with champagne glass. Robert Graf on the dance floor. Fernandel, great. Marianne Koch, great. Bavaria-chef hand Kubaschewski dances with his wife.
(26 m) 9th Bavarian Forest. Competition of the lumberjack check blade and axe. Stopwatch. Lumber sawing through the logs and chopping through a master.
(27 m) 10 Reutlingen: Motocross boot. Race. Dispersion of dust. Motorcycle jumps. Spectators at the track. Baby pacifiers, great arm. Official waving banner. Winner Otto rolling. Advertisement: Bluna.
(22 m) 11 Hamburg: German jumper Derby horses on the really. Viewers filling picture. Horse on the great wall. The following obstacle is torn. Horse refused for great wall. Edmund Müller on moorland. Piero d ´ Inzeo on his mold the rock ZL jumps into water-filled moat. Fritz Thiedemann ZL comes with 3 horse Meteor, Godewind, retina in the playoff. Alwin Schockemöhle is 2 ZL to jump over the antler combination on his grey Mare Ramona. Fritz Thiedemann on his grey Mare retina victory ride. Award ceremony retina with wreath. Gowind class Corvette and Meteor side by side on the reins are 3rd and 5 honorary Gallop the winner.
(57 m)

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Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Bernhard von Holland ; Bolz, Lothar ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Grock ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Herter, Christian ; Heuss, Theodor ; Juliana von Holland ; Lloyd, Selvyn ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Murville de, Maurice Couve ; Inzeo d', Piero ; Thiedemann, Fritz


Siena ; Bavaria ; Munich ; Bonn ; Bremerhaven ; Geneva ; Holland ; Saarland ; Reutlingen ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Industrial events ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; festivals ; Economy ; Entertainment, festivals ; Industrial ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 494/1959

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand visit b. Preussag, Rrprivatis. VW camera: basic Lübke Heuss Bonn camera: basic Geneva: new start d. Aussenmin. Conf.
Origin: Cine journal Baudcuin in Holland origin: Polygoon Seina, traditional horse racing origin: iNcom maiden voyage of the "Bremen" n. United States camera: Luppa, Stoll, Rieck, fire Switzerland: Grock died origin: Archive Bavaria meeting in Munich Geiselg.
Camera: Vlasdeck woodworkers competition, Zwiesel camera: Hafner German Motocross-Meistersch. Reutlingen camera: Vlasdeck origin: Fingado German jumping Derby 1959 Hbg.-Flottbek camera: Stoll, students final brand

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