Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 518/1959 25.12.1959


01 starts world travel Boeing 707. Eisenhower in Bonn. Adenauer is located at the airfield of Adenauer in Paris. By Brentano Couve de Murville is located on the airfield. Handshake Adenauer - de Gaulle. McMillan in Bonn. Adenauer is located on the airfield. Willy Brandt in the United States. The Danish Foreign Minister Krag in Poland. Khrushchev in Poland embraced Gomulka. Tito embraced Nasser. Ho Chi Minh embraces India's President Prasad. Khrushchev when Mao Tse Tung. Khrushchev in the United States. Talks Khrushchev - Eisenhower: Eisenhower in Rome. Walking the 15s with Gronchi. Eisenhower at the Vatican with Pope John XXIII. Eisenhower in Karachi with President of Pakistan Ayub Khan. Eisenhower in India with Nehru.
(47 m) 02 Berlin Brandenburger Tor. Kurfürstendamm with Memorial Church. The Division of the city. Border signs. Barbed wire. Election of the new Federal President by the Parliamentary Council Heinrich Lübke in Berlin. Bonn: Farewell Theodor Heuss: Eugen Gerstenmaier actuality: "Theodor Heuss himself to the fatherland earned made."
(26 m) 03 disasters floods. Flood, hurricane, debris, cleaning-up operations. Floods in southern Bavaria and Austria. Homeless. Dam break in Fréjus.
(30 m) 04 space space training with weightlessness. Acceleration experiments in turbine. Flap faces. Space monkeys. NASA. Failure of a rocket. Lunar images. Pictures of the back of the Earth.
(42 m) 05 Sun flares. Eclipse of the Sun. Heat wave. Crevasses broken up. Pasture-fed cows are fed on hay. Dam dried up. Water output. Forest fire. Campsite. Crowded 饺子馆 swimming pool. People drink from the bottle.
(40 m) 06 leisure beer drinkers. Oktoberfest with carousels. Rock'n ' roll dance.
(20 m) 07 election election of the most beautiful babies - choice of the most beautiful girl - Miss - selection of the most beautiful man - choice of the thickest man - choice of the most beautiful grandmother.
(10 m) 08. Children of men - baby animals baby faces, Leo minor, poodle dog with 12 boys. Small poodle drinking from bottle. Bear cubs are used by guards in Recycle Bin. Bouncing babies in baby swing. Lion mother pulls dog child's tail. Monkey lion child. Monkey paints.
Artist Plods (21 m) 09 artist with the feet in bath and on canvas. Dali encounters with Lance by canvas.
(10 m) 10 artists motorcycle artist on cable. Motorcycle artist in round barrel. Acrobat jumps over table. Acrobat on wire rope falls on cable. Trapeze artist in circus dome. Artist jumps from high mast in fire ton. World record of the sunny French drive on 2 wheels with car. Car goes in water. Dish emerging from water.
(18 m) 11 sports Grand National horse racing with falls. Jump bike over this people. Accident car race at Indianapolis. Accident at the Avus fatally crashed race in Berlin Jean Behra. German 800 metres record by Paul Schmidt in 1.46,2. European record 400 m by Carl Kaufmann in 45.8. World record 110 m hurdles by Martin Lauer in 13.2. The international sports press Selects Martin Lauer athletes of the world to the 3.besten. Boxes Gustav Scholz beating Peter Müller, k.o. comes in 80 sec. Football final German Championship: Eintracht Frankfurt - Kickers Offenbach 5-3 on aggregate. Shots on goal. Audience pictures.
(63 m)

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 518/1959

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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