Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 527/1960 04.03.1960


01 Ireland: Shannon air disaster debris of an Italian traffic machine that crashed after takeoff in the cemetery of Shannon. Of 52 passengers, 23 were rescued alive.
(17 m) 02. Spain: three machines to search a hose boat in the Mediterranean sea launch air rescue exercise in the Mediterranean, Mallorca. The boat is spotted in the sea.
(19 m) 03 Switzerland: Airboat on Lake Zurich hovercraft travels. Turbine propeller to rotate and create air cushions under the boat.
(10 m) 04. Hamburg: 80th birthday of Karl Geyer film Kopieranstalt Geyer. Karl Geyer goes through the work. 80 candles burn. Staff give him the model of a development machine to the birthday.
(26 m) 05. smart and forgetful: worn out forgetful tries out ausgeleiertem wrench to loosen nut. Clever arrives and points out that it's not about using this key. Maria don't want to hear, tumbles, and injured his hand.
(31 m) 06. Hamburg: Stamp auction auctioneer auctioned different stamps and stamp sets original sound including a luxury collection for 20000 DM. (32 m) 07. Carnival in Munich Lions door knob with plate: "Please do not feed!" Fool at Carnival in Schwabing. Drinking and dancing. Kisses.
Commission (24 m) 08 Rosenmontagszüge in Bonn, Mainz and Bonn Bonn Carnival. Dare with Ulbricht and Khrushchev - "The voice of his master - Association in gladness and joy". King Saud with many women with baby carriages. "To encourage brings blessings".

Mainz moved with Schwellköpfen. By Brentano flies around closed cabin "movie star - aptitude test" as an Angel.

Cologne parade with decorated floats. "Our old Fox - the greatest trainer of all time".
(45 m) 09 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley a. Nordic combined ski jumping. Georg Thoma jumps with skis, big, new Hill record. 15 km cross-country. Georg Thoma is 4th and overall winner of the combination. He wins gold medal. (20 m) b. slalom Betsy Snite / United States on the slopes. You win the silver medal. Heidi Biebl / Germany crashes. The bronze medal winner Barbi Henneberger / Munich. Ann Heggtveit, Canada, wins gold medal. Ride through the target.
(11 m) c. downhill men's gold medal WINS VUARNET / France. Jumps on the difficult slopes and fall. The silver medal winner Hans-Peter Lanig / Germany.
(25 m) d. figure skating freestyle medalists Carol Heiss and David Jenkins / United States and United States.
(28 m) e. competing jumps from the Hill. Fall. Halonen / Finland. With widths of 92.5 and 83.5 m, he won the silver medal. Helmut Recknagel, Thuringia, wins the Gold Medal with diameters from 93.5 m and 84.5 m. Helmut Recknagel; large.
(17 m) f. closing ceremony the Olympic flame. Flags of the Nations and Olympic flag.
(5 m)

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Biebl, Heidi ; Geyer, Karl ; Divin, Karel ; Heggweit, Ann ; Heiss, Carol ; Henneberger, Barbi ; Jenkins, Dave ; Lanig, Hans-Peter ; Recknagel, Helmut ; Snite, Betsy ; Thoma, Georg ; Vuarnet, Jean


Hamburg ; Spain ; Viareggio ; Munich ; Ireland ; Pakistan ; Switzerland ; Reno ; United States ; Squaw Valley ; Falun/Sweden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Carnival ; Disasters ; Carnival ; filmmaking ; natural disasters ; Olympics 1972 ; Postal, postal services ; Shipping ; Ships ; Technology ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Maneuver ; Events ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 527/1960

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7 Ireland: Flugz.-disaster v. Shannon camera: Corcoran Spain: Luftrettungsübng. i. me..
Origin: No.-do hovercraft Switzerland origin: Cine journal so. Geburtstg. Karl Geyer camera: Seib clever and forgetful stamp auction camera: Seib, student Carnival i. Munich camera: Hafner Monday i. Cologne, Mainz and Bonn camera: reason, o Connor, Luppa, Vlasdeck Olympic Games: men's combined G. Thoma (gold) origin: Olympic pool men's Abfahrtslf. Lanig (Silver) origin: Olympic pool women's slalom, hen Berger (bronze) origin: Olympic swimming pool Eiskunstlf. Carol Heiss (gold) origin: Olympic swimming pool Eiskunstlf. David Jenkins (gold) origin: Olympic pool ski jumping, Rada (gold) origin: Olympic pool end title 3.2

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