Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 558/1960 04.10.1960


01 UN General Assembly speech by MC Millan, Khrushchev protested his seat, wild gesticulating, actuality MC Millan, applause. Khrushchev drumming on his desk. Encounters Khrushchev-Nasser, Eisenhower-Nehru, Khrushchev-Tito, Tito-Nasser.
(35 m = 01:13) 02. telephone help for lonely in the Switzerland Rührstück from the Switzerland. Lonely people is on the road to the extent that young woman on a river, lone man sits in front of his glass in a restaurant, protagonist tries in vain with his ex-lover to make a call, the phone rings in her apartment, but she is not there. The protagonist buys cigarettes in a kiosk, holds out his hand to exchange money, but the seller puts the money in the shell - his outstretched hand is empty! He goes through the concourse, ask for fire, gets but slipped only a box of matches, lights his cigarette mourning, while he looks at a poster of the phone help, poster falls big, straight he there calls, choose large, phone help, the handset is taken off - our protagonist pours out his heart with a ridged face.
(64 m = 02:17) 03. Hubertus hunting drag hunting hounds. Pioneer with the Fox slogan, Hounds running riders along a path over obstacle, dogs jump over a ditch, riders and dogs through a ditch, riding in the forest, dogs tear the Curree after the end of the hunt.
(18 m = 00:38) 04 pointers review of ptarmigan in Tuscany. Dogs before the test and in the grounds, where they solidify as the pillar of salt if they are wild. Dog brings its owner found prey.
(19 m = 00:40) 05. historic hunting in Italy historical procession in Florence. Hunting Falcon with mask, moving to horses: returning hunting trip from the time of the Medici, hunting (wild boar, hares, deer and pheasants) is hung on long poles, past worn.
(16 m = 00:33) 06 European fashion school in Düsseldorf 60 fashion professionals from 10 countries, winners of the "Golden Bayer scissors 1960", attending fashion school Düsseldorf. Fashion drawings, presentation of self-designed models of man-made fibers: plush jacket, evening dress, polka dot dress with a large scarf, 2 ensembles dress and coat, baby dolls and harem pants.
(37 m = 01:18) 07. Silverstone race car race in the pouring rain. Drivers increases with umbrella in his car, start, curves, cars move long water towing behind her, overhauls, Nr. 7, Taylor, overhauled and WINS, Taylor receives Cup (32 m = 01:08) 08. ADAC - skill driving in Munich VW Beetle dodging puddle, parked to parking, beetle difficulty getting out parking backwards a,. Skill tournament of the ADAC in Munich: cars go through Hat series, steering wheel big when cornering, Mercedes is parking a backward, passes more shell thereby, another runs over the curb in.
(29 m = 01:00) 09 car Rodeo in Holland, ramming another start and track, car sideways, big wheel through mud, cars ramming himself, finally a car driving fully in a water-filled moat.
(12 m = 00:26)

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Chruschtschow, Nikita; Eisenhower, Dwight; Gromyko, Andrej; McMillan, Harold; Nasser, Gamal Abdel; Nehru, Indira; Tito, Josip; Taylor, Trevor


New York; Düsseldorf; Italy; Florence; Federal Republic of Germany; Munich; Switzerland; Silverstone; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen; Dogs; Hunting, Hunter; motor sports; Religious events; Animals (except dogs); UN; automotive engineering, automotive; Welfare, aid agencies, care; Fashion; Jobs; Dogs; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 558/1960

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 7 m (Macmillan's speech) United Nations General Assembly (+ Chruscht.) Drop-out speech) origin: Metro, Sovkino phone help for lonely (Switzerland) origin: Cine journal Hubertus hunting/Dtld. origin: Archive pointers origin: SEDI Histor. Hunting in Italy origin: SEDI Europ. Fashion students in Düsseldorf camera: basic Silverstone race/Engld.
Origin: Pathé news ADAC skill driving, car camera: Rau, Oakley car Rodeo in Holland origin: Polygoon end brand 3.1 m

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Nikita Khrushchev’s 125th Birthday (* April 17, 1894)

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1953-1964) and Premier of the USSR (1958-1964) is remembered mostly for his impulsive performances. His outburst of rage in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1960—when he supposedly bangs his shoe on the desk—is legendary. But Nikita Khrushchev is more than just the uncouth and bovine country bumpkin as which he is so often portrayed. Underestimated by many the metal fitter has a successful and seemingly silent rise up the party ranks. He is one of the few functionaries who survive all of Stalin’s purging campaigns. Three year’s after Stalin’s death Khrushchev instigates the de-Stalinization with his “secret speech” and introduces a period of domestic political détente—the so-called “Khrushchev thaw”. He releases a large number of inmates from the gulags and initiates an unprecedented number of economic, social, educational and cultural reforms.      

For his foreign policy he applies the principle „peaceful co-existence“ in dealing with the west. Eager to win the competition between the systems in the scientific, technological and most of all economic realm, his mantra is „catch-up and overtake“. In order to break the ice with the enemy he and Richard Nixon meet up in July of 1959 and engage in the so-called „kitchen-debate“ about the advantages and disadvantages of communism and capitalism. A few months later he accepts an invitation by Eisenhower and is the first Soviet Premier to visit the USA.

At the same time Khrushchev wants to demonstrate the USSR’s claim of leadership of the “socialist world” and shift the world’s balance of power in its favour. In regards to the “German question” it’s his ultimatum in 1958 that provokes the Second Berlin Crisis. Three years later he agrees to the building of the Berlin Wall.  In the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis the Soviet Union and the USA are on the brink of a nuclear war. Khrushchev is ousted in 1964 and replaced by Leonid Brezhnev, as some of his ambitious policies don’t yield the expected success—such as consumer goods production, the reorganization of agriculture or the development of unchartered territory in middle Asia—and many comrades fear that the radical restructuring of the party might result in their loss of power. Khrushchev spends the remainder of his life on his dacha near Moscow until his death in 1971.

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