Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 575/1961 03.02.1961


01 France. The British Prime Minister MacMillan at de Gaulle. Reporter pushing at the gate to the Chateau at Rambouillet, some are inside left, waving flag on the tower. De Gaulle and MacMillan standing together.

02. Indonesia. The Algerian rebel leader Ferhat Abbas in Jakarta. Abbas come down the gangway, is welcomed, goes to the output.

03. South-East Asia: the friendship trip by Minister von Merkatz. sitting v. Merkatz next to Prince Naradhip Bongspabandh, old temples and facilities in Bangkok.

04. India. Parade before Queen Elizabeth on the day of the Republic. Sumptuously decorated elephant, Queen Elizabeth, and the Maharajah of Jaipur sitting on the elephants, horse riding. Indian Queen E. brings to the lucky sign on the forehead, Grand Parade, such as camel riders.

05. Wilhelmshaven. The rare art of glass engraving shows John Chair. Transvokator settings on different Windows. John Chair glass engrave different ready-made glasses with heads of Eisenhower, Heuss, etc.,

06. Königssee. A new type of ice breaker is tested on the Königssee. The ice-breaker front mounted a wheel with which he climbs up onto the ice and crushed it from above. The icebreaker in use. Sleigh ride on the Königssee.

07. Spain, amazingly simple wheel-slide protection for cars. The slide is on rods which are attached beside and above the wheel, hung up, the wheels drive in the mounted Strip. Antislip is mounted, the driving car.

08 Monte Carlo Rally. The last stage of the rally. The cars pass through the Alps, very much snow, slip into the curves, some night shots, collision of three cars, no lobsters to recognize, ride through Monte Carlo, winner: Maurice Martin and Roger Bateu. France on Panharad before Walter and Löffler, Dtschld. winner get Cup of Gracia and Rainer v. Monaco.

09 Berlin. European Championships in figure skating and ice dancing. Ice dancing pair Doreen Denny / Courtney Jones with her dance, very good. Among the spectators Marika Kilius / Hans Jürgen Bäumler alongside Alain Giletti. Giletti with his freestyle, 5th European Championship. Much advertising on the gangs.

10 football. Borussia Dortmund defeated Westfalia Herne 2: o. Narration see history.

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Bäumler, Hans Jürgen ; Bateu, Roger ; Abbas, Ferhat ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Monaco von, Gracia Patricia ; McMillan, Harold ; Merkatz von, Joachim ; Bongspabandh, Naradhip ; Monaco von, Rainier ; Stuhl, Johannes ; Denny, Doreen ; Giletti, Alain ; Jones, Courtney ; Kilius, Marika ; Löffler, Ernst ; Martin, Maurice ; Scheel, Walter


Wilhelmshaven ; Spain ; India ; Königssee ; Bangkok ; Berlin ; Calcutta ; France ; Indonesia ; South-East Asia ; Dortmund ; Monte Carlo ; Monaco


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice skating, art running ; Football ; motor sports ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Ships ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Technology ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Works of art ; winter pictures ; Science ; Jobs ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 575/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 7 m MacMillan in Paris origin: Pathé journal Ferhat Abbas in Indonesia origin: vis News v. Merkatz in Thailand camera: Luppa Queen in India origin: Pathé news, Pathe news glass engraver Joh. Chair, Wilh.haven camera: Rieck of new icebreaker d. Königssee camera: Hafner anti-skid f. cars origin: No. do Monte Carlo Rally origin: Pathé journal Europameistersch. Eiskunstlf. + Dance, Berlin camera: Pahl, Jürgens football boron. Dortmund: North Rhine-Westphalia Herne camera: strong, ice man, basic end-mark 3.1 m

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