Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 598/1961 14.07.1961


01. not guilty?

a. Poland. Shocking documents from Auschwitz. -Views of the expansive camps, prisoners behind barbed wire, 2 settings of prisoner utensils heaping up and jewelry items, b. Israel. Adolf Eichmann denying any responsibility. -Eichmann, big, E. in the indictment cell, flanked by 2 policemen, puts on glasses, the Gerichtsvorsitzende Moshe Landau, big, the Prosecutor Gideon Hausner, lawyer Dr. Servatius with Secretary and some gentlemen at the table sitting, Eichmann, big, talking about (production sound), various images from concentration camps.

02. New Jersey. Kennedy's peace corps at the training camp. -Building, sign: Peace corps registration, medical examination of some candidates, candidates for the training on the Court sitting, candidates at gymnastic exercises while running.

03. Israel. Launch of the first own Israelite. -Rocket in the start framework, Ben Gurion, large, in conversation with some gentlemen, man outside a bunker are start command, rocket man with binoculars before the eyes, big (lens recording).

04. Toulouse. New giant microscope magnified 120. 000 - fold. Kugelhaus from outside, on the inside of the ball House, various settings of the facilities of the giant electron microscope, electron Cannon, 2 hands (examination work a normal optical microscope), lab technicians to operate different equipment. -Shots of bacteria in 120.000-facher magnification.

05. Paris. More complicated Metro construction under the Earth's surface. -Looking through a tunnel tube, Metro platform with a moving train and pedestrians, tour of the Paris catacombs sarcophagus Chamber with skulls and bones, pantries for fruit and vegetables, underground street labyrinth, street signs.

06. Washington. Automatic letter sorters saves post officials. -Woman's hand will stamp a stamp vending machines, various settings of the automatic letter Distributor, women and men in operation of the. Letter Distributor.

07. Paris. When the rock ' n roll the white stick danced. -Rock 'n' roll performances on stage, young viewers in ecstatic enthusiasm "get involved", teen audiences dancing wild rock ' n roll (time lapse recording), police will intervene with rubber truncheons.

08 Paris. Athletics. Again German victory in the six international competition. -Among the participants: Klaus Lehnertz, pole vault, 800 m: Paul Schmidt; Roger Moens wins over spurtet in 1 min 5.3 sec 5,000 m: Horst Flobach Robert Bogey (France); Johannes Kaiser (400 m runners save the victory for Germany.

09 England. Rowing: Soviet Navy eights won international Henley Regatta on the River Thames. Thames landscape, motor boat, rowing boats, man with boxer dog, huge crowd of onlookers (active and veterans), Moscow crew goes over 2 100 m track with high score, aft crew of Leander Club London is completely exhausted at the finish.

10 Kassel. Canoe slalom: Surprises in the German Championship. (on the to a raging whitewater millrace near Kassel turned).
Kayak-a (women): 1. Hanny Mendesda Costa (sword), 2. Kirsten Schmidt (Celle).
Kayak-a (men): Peter Hasse (Schwerte) drives the fastest time.
Two canoe: Winner: Hauschild/lengerich (Leverkusen).

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Bogey, Robert ; Gurion, Ben ; Eichmann, Adolf ; Hausner, Gideon ; Landau, Mosche ; Servatius ; Flobach, Horst ; Hasse, Peter ; Hauschild ; Lehnertz, Klaus ; Lengerich ; Mendes da Costa ; Moens, Roger ; Schmidt, Kirsten ; Schmidt, Paul


Toulouse ; Washington ; Paris ; Jerusalem ; Auschwitz ; New Jersey ; Israel ; Kassel ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Trade, finance ; Justice ; child care, education problems ; Education, youth ; Musical events ; Paddle ; Police ; Postal, postal services ; Rockets ; Rowing ; Schools, training ; Cities ; Dance ; Technology ; concentration camp ; Curiosities ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Technology, industry ; Medicine ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 598/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point 7 m Eichmann trial (III) (Auschwitz concentration camp) + process origin: Metro, Polkronika Amerikan. Peace Corps origin: Metro start 1 d. israel. Rocket camera: Woskowitz electron microscope origin: Pathé journal expansion d. Metro in Paris origin: Pathé journal Automation at the post office, United States origin: USIS today rock ' n' roll, Paris origin: Pathé journal Leichtathl.: 6-international competition, Paris origin: Pathé journal Henley Rowing regatta origin: Pathé news, German canoeing slalom-Meistersch., Kassel camera: Basic, Vlasdeck end brand 3.1 m

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