Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 601/1961 04.08.1961


01 public enemy Akkohol.

a. Japan: RAID in the "paradise" of drinkers. -Nocturnal townscape, volllbesetztes beer bar, filled beer glasses, beer drinking woman, tall, full beer glasses at the mouth (will be drunk), large, 2 policemen dissipate a volltrunkenen man lying drunk on the street, be picked up and brought to the clinic, investigation.

b. Poland: alcoholism and its consequences. -3 hands with filled beer glass (gross), large, three men drinking beer at the beer table, host other counter waiter pouring liquor, man, big, watch shows drinking liquor 5 vor 12 big, drunk man holding head under faucet, various settings of idiotic children.

02. face of youth. a. Germany: Youth takes itself under the magnifying glass. -Exhibition: "youth sees himself", various photos of our young photographers.

b. Mexico: observed children's faces from the camera. -Settings of children visiting a zoo.

c. Africa. Traces of suffering in the face of children. -Close-ups of individual refugee children from Africa and Asia, feeding Korean refugee children.

03. children's dreams become a reality.

a. England: party for orphans at a multimillionaire. -Child at the spoons from a bowl, large, orphans on a set, festive table, little girl with Teddy doll. b. Holland: dolls as mannequins on the catwalk. -Dolls - fashion show, happy children's faces, great.

c. United States: The 'New Look' in the fashion for the small ones. -A hand draws a children dress, children's fashion show of fashion designer Helen Lee.

d. Hungary: Painted imagination of a child of prodigy. -Various settings of the 6 year old artist on the floor lying and painting.

e. Federal Republic of: Dercerste music kindergarten opened its doors (Duisburg). -Birdcage with Canary, various settings of children and teacher at common singing and music-making with children musical instruments. (f). Berlin: German-American folk festival with music and dance. -Deadened child, big, big amusement park with carousels, etc., balloons, A lot operation, among the spectators city Commander Hartel, American children a Square Dance show, head audience.

04. a. Stuttgart. 3. gymnaestrada - world gymnastics Festival. -Various settings of mass gymnastics performances (harmony and beauty). -Sohauturnen of Nations: bars, horizontal bar, Cairns on the high bar, Philipp Fürst on the pommel horse.

b. Düsseldorf. German Championships of track and field athletes. Discus throw: Winner: Chester Hale (51, 85) m), shot put: Winner: Manfred Steinbach (17. 98 m), 2. Hermann Linggau long jump: Winner: Manfred Steinbach (7, 50 m), 80 m hurdles: Winner: Erika fish, 2. Ingrid Sahul, 200 m - run: Winner: Manfred Germar, 800 m - run: Winner: Paul Schmidt, 2. Klinkenberg, 3. Balke.

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Balke, Jörg ; Hartel ; Lee, Helen ; Cerar, Miroslaw ; Collin, Maren ; Fisch, Erika ; Fürst Philipp ; Germar, Manfred ; Hausmann, Kriemhild ; Klinkenberg ; Lingnau, Herman ; Schlundt, Ingrid ; Schmidt, Paul ; Steinbach von, Manfred ; Urbach, Dieter


Federal Republic of Germany ; Germany ; West Berlin ; Japan ; Poland ; Paris ; Mexico ; Africa ; Asia ; England ; Holland ; United States ; Hungary ; Duisburg ; West Berlin ; Hamburg ; Stuttgart ; Düsseldorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Gymnastics ; Hands ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Special events ; Education, youth ; Escape ; Refugees ; sporting events ; Dance ; Gymnastics ; Art ; Works of art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Medicine ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 601/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m alcoholism and its consequences origin: Asahi news, State Kinder of alcoholics origin: Polkronika Ausstellg. "Youth sees himself" camera: Seib children's faces origin: Emasa refugee children origin: orphan party archive b. millionaire in Engld.
Origin: Pathe news dolls fashion show origin: Polygoon kids fashion show, United States origin: Metro 5 painter, Hungary source: Hungaro music kindergarten d. City Duisbg.
Camera: Seib, German American ice cream man Volksfest in Berlin camera: Pahl III gymnaestrada 1961, Stuttgart camera: Vlasdeck, o Connor, Jürgens competition Cairns/Prince camera: Vlasdeck, o Connor, Jürgens German Championships, D ' df.
Camera: ice man, Rahim, reason

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