Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 603/1961 18.08.1961


01 Berlin, August 13. The way to freedom is blocked. -Disused s-Bahn station, train signal on "Hold", label: "Inputs", tanks, large shield: "Street of the 17th of June", men in front of the Brandenburg Gate Quadriga, newspaper, Vopos on the Brandenburg Gate, Vopos pull Stacheldrahtverhau over Potsdamer Platz, observant soldiers, Allied soldiers at the big users, helicopter over the town, roadblock of barbed wire and trucks Allied policeman, car traffic in front of the victory column, Soviet war memorial with Russian Doppelposten, patrouillierender, Swivel of the Memorial on the Brandenburg Gate West terrain Vopo post chain, front of Brandenburg Gate, excited crowd on the West side of the Brandenburg Gate, young people began chanting (: "Referendum") at the forefront of Western policeman, Vopos or Members of the Betriebskampfgruppen with holding out gun, West Berlin brandishing Pfuirufen, Wasserwefer of the policeman in use, West Berlin police pushing back crowds to behind the Soviet war memorial, West Berlin standing behind a barrier, transparent: "There is only a Germany" before West police, views of the Brandenburg Gate and East Berlin area.

02. Sicily: Etna spews back fire and lava. -Night shots of the eruption of Mount Etna lava masses, 2 cameramen with luggage work up at the crater, cascading lava masses, steaming volcano.

03. West point: the Bundeswehr as a guest of the United States Army cadet. -An officer Cadet of the Bundeswehr swing on ropes into the water, German and American Cadets in the joint construction of an infantry running bridge over a river, common lessons in the outdoor run bridge handshake between German and American soldiers, soldiers in swimming trunks close.

04. Freeport: Drinking water from the sea. -Kennedy, screen sitting puts people before the "water works", tour, at a desk on a button. Once, the plant, which turns Meerwassei into drinking water; Children at a drinking water dispenser, trinkenaus cups, man holding a toddler in her arms and can drink from a Cup.

05. Geesthacht: Greater maneuverability by new barge flotilla. -Is an errant flotilla on the river Elbe coupled motor ship inland at the wharf, barge, hydraulic clutch, great.

06. Stuttgart-Sindelfingen: international interest for Mercedes Benz program. -Mercedes 300 se, light-alloy engine, large, Mercedes 190 D, Karl Kling with some men's tour.

07. Horst-Emscher: flat racing to the Aral-Pokal. -Winner: "opponent" (Jockey: Peter Alafi). Narration see race.

08th Reutlingen: 74. German Swimming Championships. -200 m crawl of the masters: Winner: Gerhard Hetz(mit 2 Min. 4,7 Europa Rekord). 2nd: Hans-Joachim Klein. 200 m men's Butterfly: Winners: Hermann Lotter. 2.: blank. Women's diving: Winner: Ingeborg Busch (slow motion). Diving men's: Winner: Horst Rosenfeldt, 2nd: stapler (slow motion).

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Alafi, Peter ; Blank ; Busch, Ingeborg ; Kennedy, John F. ; Hefter ; Hetz, Gerhard ; Klein, Hans-Joachim ; Kling, Karl ; Lotter, Herman ; Rosenfeldt, Horst


West point ; Berlin ; Sicily ; Freeport ; Stuttgart-Sindelfingen ; West point ; Geesthacht ; Reutlingen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Disasters ; Children ; natural disasters ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Rain ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Ships ; Swimming ; diving ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Maneuver ; Military ; Military events ; Water ; water emergency ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 603/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7,-m disable of the zone border Berlin camera: Pahl, Jürgens eruption of Mount Etna origin: iNcom German Cadet d. Bundeswehr i. West point origin: Metro drinking water production from d. sea origin: Metro barge flotilla on d. Elbe camera: Seib new Mercedes camera: strong horse racing to Aral-Pokal, Horst-Emsch.
Camera: Seib, Jürgens, German Swimming Championship Rieck camera: strong, Vlasdeck Tower and springboard diving, Reutlingen camera: strong, Vlasdeck final brand 3.1 m

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