Der deutsche Vormarsch zur Marne 1918


1 subtitles: German grenades pave the way the storm troopers.
Image: field guns in the bombardment of enemy positions.
2. subtitles: The Aisne is exceeded.
Troops cross [on the 27.05.1918] on emergency bridges the river Aisne.
3. subtitles: Previous waves of infantry.
Image: Individual soldiers Cross River.
4. subheads: flasher station maintains the connection with the Divionsstab in the Garnet funnel.
Image: Soldier uses turn signals station; Staff officers.
5. subtitles: The Marne contrary.
Image: German soldiers and captured French pull sunken bagage cart out of a hole.
6 subheads: prisoner squads go without any security to the collection.
Picture: French prisoners troop moves to the collection point; Verwundeter is transported in carrier.
7 subtitles: Inexorably pushing above the divisions. Image: Hauled units and infantry on the rise in the terrain; A few cars are camouflaged with tree branches; marching soldiers; Soldiers rise up after break.
8 subtitles: Renewed resistance to the Vesle is broken.
Image: Infantry to run on bridge, cross it.
9 subtitles: on the track.
Image: Baggage car in rough column succeeded.
10 subtitles: Rückzugstraßen of the enemy.
Image: Street with horse carcasses.
11 subtitles: The enemy let his batteries safely down.
Image: Soldier inspects gun, a Dachshund in the gun tube (close).
12 subtitles: Entire gun Park fell in German hands.
Image: Guns.
13 enemy battery position shot subtitles: On fire.
Image: Burning French position.
14 subtitles: Conquered Langrohrgeschütze.
Picture: The gun is taken in inspection.
15. Subtitles: French Railway guns of heaviest caliber, who demanded numerous victims among the French population by the continuous bombardment of Laons.
Image: railway guns; Cars and guns in camouflage.
16 subtitles: A Truppenverbandplatz in a former underground enemy ammunition.
Image: Paramedics before the entrance of the ammunition warehouse; playing Shepherd.
17 subtitles: Entire trains of provisions in our hands fell as a result of the panic withdrawal.
Image: Plunder a captured supplies train; Soldiers with Brotlaibern in the arm get out of a car.
18 intertitles: A welcome drink.
Image: Soldiers pour wine from barrels themselves; Soldiers to open cooling wagon carry pork sides. Soldiers eating in the corn field.
19 subtitles: Something for the field kitchen.
Image: Cattle are led away; Soldier pumps up front wheel of a bicycle, hang over the bar two dead rabbits; Pig is kept on leash.
20. Depot shot subtitles: On fire.
Image: Burning French Depot; Plate with inscription "Magasin" lies in the rubble of 21 subtitles: captured American happened.
Image: Soldiers in Mp18 labeled: 127152 AMERICAN FIELD.
Wounded French go into captivity; wounded soldier a nun takes the case.
22 subtitles: Uniting behavior against the enemy.
Image: Verwundeter is supported.
23 subtitles: The French had to drop the huge barracks at Courlando with enormous reserves intact in our hands.
Image: Pan across the sprawling camp.
24 intertitles: Captured ammunition with well over 1 million shot.
Image: in standing barracks ammunition of various caliber.
Three women with belongings on wheelbarrows and two small children walk past on camera. Ruins of houses. Ruins of destroyed village.
25 subtitles: The battle site north of the Marne. Image: View seen on the grounds of increased camera position.
26 intertitles: Major-General Prince of Buchau, leader of a famous Baden Division fell in the assault of the Marne.
Image: Division Commander major-general Prince of Buchau in conversation.
27 subtitles: Fights in area spared so far from the horrors of the war.
Image: Infantry gather prior to the attack.
28 intertitles: Pictures of recording operator of the image and film Office Landsturm man Karl Mickley fell.
Image: Do the infantrymen in the corn field; Gunfire.
29 subtitles: The victories between the Aisne and Marne beat a massive breach in Fochs reserves.
Image: Prisoners where facilities exist in the Citadel of Laon.

Persons in the Film

Buchau von, Hans


1914-1918 (total period; first world war) ; First world war ; Westfront (Erster Weltkrieg)




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Der deutsche Vormarsch zur Marne

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German Reich

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Censorship date: 13.06.1918


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