Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 615/1961 10.11.1961


01 Bonn, Federal House. -After 7 weeks door sign "Meeting room", politicians at the Conference table, including Erich Mende, speaking. Federal House totally arrival Adenauer Strauß Dr. Krone, Brentano-big (looks in camera), Mende all close, Adenauer swearing (1 Bunaestag - archive).

02. projects for tomorrow.

a. Paris. Project "Channel":-many men to table-top model standing around, demonstrate, through double tunnel moving model trains. b. France. The Mont-Blanc tunnel: - open railway workers in tunnel driving, mountain massif (taken from above), holes in the mountain with rocks piled train out of tunnel driving.

c. Europe. Night-time streets:-traffic lights, large, nächtl. ötraßen with cars from spotlight of motorcyclists turns to, restless man at the wheel (front) large, headlights stopped-up, hidden driver at the wheel, large, traffic signs sea, driver plate bypasses, shields Park.

d. "we have it far brought":-rockets start smoke filling image (archive). Man when cleaning the clogged spout with rubber pusher, short, 2 men in astronaut suits, briefly, back a woman who tries to close her bra, short, man astronaut test, short, husband and wife struggling with tie or zipper in the back, annoying girl face, big, pot of boiling milk over is taken from the stove and spilled about Cup, man fall at the newspaper perusing pages on floor , he crumples her angry, close.

03. "You, my silent Valley" Tyrol, Imperial Valley. -Long setting Valley overflowing Lake Beach, cars clogged mountain road, serpentine with some moving cars, horse wagon on Tyrolean House driving to, farmers move from her house (man with a hoe on shoulder), shortly, saying balcony, big: "Blaspheme our enemies also, fidelity is Tyrolean tradition." Located facing the applicable head of an old Tyrolean, big, family crosses over scree set narrow boards bridge (parkd in the background. Cars). Settings walkers, stop "Announcement on the referendum". Mayor Wahrstötter von Kufstein speaks at his work table (quote): "certainly, we want to the beauty of the Imperial Valley will receive. This would be possible but also without creating a conservation law. The restrictions that brings this law, means too many restrictions for the mountaineers. Of the road construction and sale of the Imperial Valley speech never was." Driver of a chariot is interviewed by Tyrolean (interview): "Jo mei, from here you better, if it is a nature reserve, but more practical..." Horse mountain path goes up, close. Interview with a Munich (original sound) Flash car on mountain roads, parking, mountain hotel, numerous winter sports go on road free of snow, freigeschaufeltem, sign on tree: "Imperial Valley", 2 settings crucifix & walkers, old man b. picnic, close to, sign on mountain path "exclusively for bicycles, motorcycles & mopeds, panorama.

04. Sport a. At Itzehoe. Bird call:-Hawk, Hawk and Falcon, large and close, standing some hunters in flat landscape (blowing a hunting horn, another with Falcon on hand), Saint Bernard head, large, Hawk chasing rabbits, Elder Hunter looks great through binoculars, Hawk head, futile hunt for rabbits,.

b. Devon. Monument to Derby winner "Hyperion". -Sculptor Skeaping at work on the nearly finished plant, horse head skeleton, big, S. considers spreading horses photos on table. Achivaufn. the 2 Derby victories.

c. Motocross training. World Champion Jaromir Cezek instructs rookie Peter Dobry great off-road, high jumps over hills, both shake hands.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Krone ; Skeaping ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Wahrstötter ; Cezek, Jaromir ; Dobry, Peter


France ; Devon ; Paris ; Imperial Valley ; Itzehoe ; Europe ; Tyrol ; Munich ; Bonn ; United States ; Monthléry in Paris


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 615/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point government education + review of Chancellor oath before 12 years camera: Luppa, base, Seib, Luppa channel tunnel origin: Pathé news Mont Blanc tunnel origin: Eclair nightly road, Holland.
Origin: Gaumont "Signs disease" on. Streets origin: Pathé journal baiting origin: Pathé journal Kaisertal camera: Hafner, strong Hawk-Gau stain 1961 camera: Rieck, fire monument to Derby winning horse Hyperion origin: Pathé news Motocross training origin: State end brand

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